I keep reading 2009 lists and somehow it feels like 2009 should not have happened yet, but it did and it is gone.

What crafty things did I accomplish?  I sort of love the photo mosaic, but I hate putting it together.  As I started the process though, I thought, “wow, look at everything I did!” and that was nice.

2009 Review

That empty lower corner is where I should have a picture of the Margaret sling bag I made my sister but forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her.

I knit: pretty pink princess (sheldon from knitty), newborn booties (magic slippers from ???), bright scarf (drop scarf pattern that is a modified clapotis), camping hat version 2.5, grandpa’s hat, my leaf lace camping hat, pink lemonade (elenka from knitty), february lady sweater, brimless topi (from knitty), asymmetrical cable scarf (from One Skein), Panda legs (improvised pattern), Turn-a-Plain (Turn-a-Square from Jared Flood), Brynn’s Ruffles (modified Lilly pattern from Larissa Brown), Poppy brooch (riff on Nancy Ricci’s poppy pattern), Crumpet beret, Peach Baby and Sea Baby (ribbed baby jacket pattern from Debbie Bliss adorned with a flower from Crochet Adorned)

I crocheted: Butterfly cap (from Vallieskids), Medallion Table Runner (from Crochet Adorned)

I sewed: little artist’s drawing case (from Craft Apple when it used to be a free pattern), Unstructured bag (idea from a Japanese craft book), two Hourglass Pillows (Amy Butler pattern), Hello Kitty Pajama Pants (Simplicity pattern), Bloomers for Pink Lemonade (Favorite Things pattern), woolen flower brooch (from Design Sponge), Buttercup Bag (modified, from Made by Rae), Margaret sling bag (from Oh Fransson), Moleskin Cover (mashup of a family pattern and Mr. Monkeysuit pattern), oh and recovered 4 patio chairs (not sewing, but it involved fabric)

I grew and mostly did not kill: mint, rosemary, primroses, cat grass, radishes and arugula

What crafty things did I leave unfinished?

2009 Unfinished

I did finish one marigold sock (though didn’t take a picture), now I need to sit down and do a little knitting csi before I can start the second sock, doh. And I’ve made progress on both sassymetrical and ishbel. But I stalled out on machine quilting the HK quilt way back in springtime. I basted the three layers together, wound 5 bobbins worth of thread and then chickened out. The Anna Tunic was hemmed during the christmas sewing (quick while I have matching thread in the machine) and just waiting for buttons to be sewn on.

I’m going to ignore the list of things I never got around to starting.  But I am focusing on finishing up before I tackle too many new projects.  Except fingerless gloves, because not having a grab and go knitting project that stuffs in a purse was making me cranky (just ask TheHusband).  So I grabbed a single skein of yarn, jotted a few notes from the Maine Morning Mitts pattern and started last weekend during an errand run with TheHusband.

January 9, 2010. Tags: . Crochet, Gardening, Knitting, Sewing, Thoughts.


  1. Emily H. replied:

    Look at you! What a productive year! I wish I’d done the same but tend to be terribly absent minded when it comes to taking photos of knits and such. Well done though!

  2. Emily replied:

    I missed that you finished your Feb. Lady sweater. Looks good!

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