I’m sad.  Last night Wednesday at knit night I had a few other people double check my gauge on my selbu modern, I’m some where between 30% and 40% done (based on my geeky analysis of stitch count row by row that I’m too lazy to recalculate).  We each got a different read (8 sts/inch, 8.5 sts/inch, 9.3 sts/inch) but they all said the same thing – too many stitches per inch (the pattern suggests 7.5 sts/inch) which means my hat is too small (also, as might be expected, L pointed out that my gauge changed as I got more comfortable with the fair isle skill set).  It would fit me, but it is snug and not at all how I want it to fit (as a slightly slouchy beret).


BTW, thank you all for your input on the sassymetrical length.  I simply don’t have enough yarn to do a longer, long sleeve version though many of those variations look very nice.  I decided to add 2-3″ to the bottom of the sassymetrical, which just about uses up my 4th skein, and will figure the sleeves out once I get there, but each gets no more than half of my 5th skein.  I find all that purling a bit tiresome and only knit on it here and there.  I did 1 1/2″ of stockinette and will do as much seed stitch as I can, ripping a couple rows strikes me as less troublesome than ripping out a cast-off and adding rows.

January 27, 2010. Tags: , , . Knitting, Problems.


  1. Emily replied:

    Well shucks. But at least you got many inches of stranded knitting practice.

    • anotheryarn replied:

      So true, it was suggested that I just give the small hat to someone else, but frankly I want this hat for myself.

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