4 inches then 14 inches

I cast-on the smallest size of the Gilmore Vest last Friday night for my Knitting Olympics challenge.  That night I did some quick calculations and decided if I could knit 3 inches every day I’d get the vest done no problem.  On Saturday night, around  4 inches into the pattern I started worrying about the calculations for my waist shaping (not in the pattern).  I stopped to do the math.  And that is where it got messy.  Frustrated and unsure how to proceed I didn’t knit on this on Sunday, or Monday or Tuesday.  Uh oh.

But it get worse.  Wednesday (day 5) I’m looking at the most recent issue of Knit Scene and notice that it has a vest pattern – and the model wearing it has 2 inches of positive ease.  I measure myself.  I think and think and when I arrived at knit night – I ripped out those 4 inches (that should have been about 15″) and cast-on for the next size up.


Luckily I spent most of Friday knitting.  And managed to knit 14 1/2″ in one day (up to a total of 17 1/2″ and only 4″ behind schedule).  This is unheard of for me and not at all the endurance knitting I was planning. I wanted slow & steady, not fast and furious wondering if I my forearms will survive more than one day of knitting this much.  The first christmas that I decided to knit for people I managed to get some sort of injury that left my arms aching and unable to knit for a week.  I don’t want to repeat that.

Knitting Olympics Progress

February 20, 2010. Tags: , . Knitting.


  1. Emily replied:

    4 inches then 14 inches sounds like an interesting porn title!

    But at least you’re in a good place to earn yourself a medal, and you’ll also be able to say that you have an Olympics-related injury.

    • anotheryarn replied:

      Gah! I didn’t even think of that. Oops.

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