Knitting Olympics Fail

I failed to get the gold, but I’m slowly working my way toward the finish line anyway.  I have high hopes that I will finish it tomorrow.  I thought maybe today but grafting 181 (or was it 182) stitches is kicking my butt.  Just like the cold that knocked me flat on Friday and Saturday.  I spent both days on the couch with my knitting, but the idea of knitting was just too much to bear in addition snot-induced headache.  Excuses, excuses (did you hear about the cross-country skier that completed her race despite several broken ribs and possibly a punctured lung?).  Running out for a different needle to finish my neck and arm bands around 3:30 pm on Sunday didn’t help my cause either (but I’m so glad I did it – my ribbing looks much better 2 sizes down from my stockinette needle).

This is where I was last night, around the time the IOC president gave a speech and NBC did their weird intermission/show premiere timing (which I didn’t watch on principle).

Progress as of closing ceremonies

I got as far as casting off about 6 or so stitches using EZ’s sewn-cast off when I decided it didn’t look quite right and if I was going to do this I should do it right.  A 1×1 rib just seemed to be begging for a tubular cast-off, but my instructions didn’t quite mesh with my reality (I needed to start casting off a purl stitch not a knit stitch).  I unpicked those cast-off stitches, stuck them back on the needle and grabbed some spare yarn.

Tiny Swatches Save the Day

tiny swatches

One of my bits of knitting advice to new knitters is that swatching is good, swatching helps and specifically when you get stuck on something during a project try it out with different yarn before tackling it on your project to avoid excessive ripping.  Technique Swatches instead of Gauge Swatches.  First I did a small swatch to try out the tubular cast-off as my go-to reference, Knitter’s Guide to Finishing Techniques, states.  Then I did a small swatch of EZ’s sewn-cast-off for comparison.  Definitely not the same edge, even though I’ve read that tubular cast-off is also known as sewn cast-off.  And finally I did a little swatch as I was finding my neck-band to be – 1×1 ribbing that started with a purl stitch.  That wasn’t going to work (it is the bottom swatch).

Frustrated and tired I decided to move on to the seaming.  Which I then had to rip out  because I didn’t managed to get my edges to meet properly at the armpit.  I decided that was that and what I had accomplished for the day and left everything on the couch and went to bed.  Today I partially blocked the edges to get them flat, placed safety pins every 10 rows on each side and !!! I guess I didn’t count as accurately as I thought.  Doh.  A little fudging in the seaming fixed that though.

uh oh

I spent the afternoon seaming, and then did a fourth tiny swatch, again replicating my rib situation and starting with a purl instead of a knit, this time I switched up how I slipped my stitches onto new needles (I slipped that first purl stitch onto what became the back needle) and tried the tubular cast-off again.  And it worked great, in fact I think it looks a little better than the original (which made the last visible stitch skew left).  I’ll try to get close-up shots for the FO wrap-up post.  Soon.

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  1. bethh replied:

    wow, what painstaking work. good for you! I recently finished my first sweater but I’m really not enamored of it, sigh. I may persevere and try another, though (Ivy from Knitty, fall 2006).

  2. Emily replied:

    That’s dedication!

  3. Jen E (knitzatnight) replied:

    Great idea on the technique swatches! I have been thinking for a while about doing some swatches of different cast offs since I usually end up trying 2-3 on a project before settling on the one I like. (I know you like swatching – will you make a set for me? 🙂 EZ’s sewn bind off is generally my favorite, but it’s not always the right thing to use.

    • anotheryarn replied:

      Well, I can bring my set of 4 to the next knit night 🙂 But it only illustrates 2 cast-offs as 3 of them are variations on setting up one particular cast-off.

  4. kelli replied:

    GORGEOUS! Such pretty work. Is it done now?

  5. Kate England | Marmalade Moon replied:

    Such beautiful work and I love these shades of blue! See you in the Craft Blog Tune-Up!

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