It doesn’t have to be perfect

I have 17 drafts of blog posts waiting.  Waiting for pictures.  Waiting for editing.  Waiting for the right time to post.  Waiting to post them until I get back into this blogging thing (ha!, what a method for inaction).  Waiting for perfection I suppose.  I need to stop waiting for perfection, for time/skill/effort of perfection (also, download and upload photos in a more timely manner).  And so goes this short, incomplete, blog post.

I’m baking.  September hit hard today, grey and rainy.  Frankly I wasn’t ready for summer to end, I think I was still waiting for it to begin.  Somehow I feel I missed most of summer, I missed too many farmer’s market visits, I missed freezing pint upon pint of berries.  All I seem to see is missed stuff, not all the amazing things I did this summer.  If I had a better inner spin-doctor I’d be telling you about the 3 camping trips (no rain!, well on the 2nd and 3rd trips), the trips to the beach and lounging on the sand reading, the trips to see far away friends and family, our weekly grilled pizza… instead I think of all my missed opportunities (and fight the urge to go dig for photos illustrating this charmed life).  But back to baking.  Baking makes dreary days better.  But nearly every week (save the rare 90+ F degree heat waves) I think, I should bake bread, and I don’t.  I mean sure there is the no-knead bread (made it once or twice but somehow timing that seems more daunting that your standard 2 rises), and I do have quite the fondness for beer bread (such a good way to use up bottles of beer we don’t like) but whenever I buy yeasted bread at the grocery store and every time I see a blogger mention baking bread I have a tinge of guilt.  I should be doing that.  It’s not a fear of yeast or kneading, growing up my mom even went through a multi-year period of baking all of our bread and I helped, I remember the progression was tasty but dense bricks to light, reliable sturdy sandwich bread .  I even remember tackling a 10 (?) clove yeasted garlic bread, shaped as a garlic head no less, sometime in junior high all by myself.  And I make yeasted pizza dough on a regular basis.  But somehow, getting my act together to make a yeasted vehicle for toast and jam just doesn’t happen.

Can I institute a weekly savory baking session?  We shall see.  I think Mondays will be that day, and until about 7:30 pm I thought today was Monday.  But screw the yeast;  I don’t have to bake yeast bread (I hope I do though), I even have 3 lackluster bottles of beer in the pantry that need to be used.  To start, I went easy and tried this whole wheat-molasses bread that caught my eye today.  It just came out of the oven a couple of minutes ago.  I’ll let you know how well it works with jam (maybe even with a picture, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

edited to add: I wasn’t crazy about this bread, it was simply too molasses-y for me.
Whole-wheat molasses bread

September 7, 2010. Tags: , , . Cooking, Thoughts.


  1. bethh replied:

    from a purely selfish standpoint, I hope you do more bread work. I made the simple dollar’s bread this weekend and it came out, but isn’t really wowing me. Let me know if you magically read my mind and produce JUST the right one!

  2. knitzatnight replied:

    I feel the same way – I can’t believe summer is ending and I haven’t blogged or posted pictures. I really was going to do more of that this summer.

    Mmmm, beer bread – I think I’ll go make some right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • anotheryarn replied:

      But at least you have been knitting sweaters like crazy. I hope to see more pictures soon.

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