Entryway Keyholder

I used to be one of those people who misplaced their keys all the time.  Finally I adopted the habit of putting my keys in the same place every single time (well 98 out of 100 times).  I’m continually tweaking our entryway and way back in March I finally got around to making my version of How About Orange’s DIY Key Holder.  (I think that is where I got this wooden board + cup hook idea). Apparently I didn’t take any photos and so never blogged about this keyholder. I think it is very successful since we’ve been using it for the last 6 months.


Instead of painting and decopauging pretty paper on it I wanted to use a scrap of this Amy Butler fabric I had that coordinated with the big wall pocket* I made a while back. I bought a 24″ long 1 x 4 – the big box home improvement store I went to had a variety of shorter lengths in the same aisle as the rest of the dimensional lumber, a package of cup hooks, and a yard of iron-on vinyl.

First I decided how many hooks I wanted on the board (4 gave me the best spacing for hanging keys, though 5 would have looked nicer if I wanted to hang this horizontally), then I drew a line to bisect the 4″ width of the board and lines to indicate where the hooks should be screwed in.  I drilled pilot holes at the intersections.  Next I cut out the iron-on vinyl to be about 4″ wider and longer than my board and fused it to my fabric, and trimmed my fabric down to match the vinyl.  I used a staple gun to attach it to the board, used my awl to locate the pilot holes, poke small holes in the fabric and screwed the cup hooks into the board. Then I nailed a picture hanger into the top back of the board and eyeballed the picture hanger for the wall (hence the key holder is slightly higher than the wall pocket).

IMG_3485 IMG_3486

*I made the wall pocket back in late 2008 and it was loosely based on a smaller Wall Pocket from Craft Apple; I used a corkboard from Ikea (minus the wooden frame). I was hoping to create something that also held our keys but that didn’t pan out (I attempted to add a magnetic surface behind the fabric, but either my canvas is too thick or my magnetic hooks weren’t strong enough). Each pocket is dedicated to certain types of mail/paperwork (coupons, take-out menus, bills/important deal-with-it papers, seasonal paper reference like the art museum’s quarterly calendar).

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