Wrist Pin Cushion

Today (erm, yesterday) I made a pin cushion for a swap at the Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I recently borrowed Sew Darn Cute by Jenny Ryan from the library and when I saw the ribbon embellished wrist strap pincushion I knew that I wanted to make a wrist pin cushion for the swap. I’ve never found the generic red one with plastic cuff bracelet comfortable, but with a soft, custom-fit cuff, it could be a wonderful thing.


Originally I wanted to do a crocheted granny square for the top (where did I see that recently?) but I didn’t take the time to try out the yarn I had for that idea. And I sort of felt compelled to do some sort of patchwork on the top. So I dug in my scrap box, picked out some pretty fabric for the wrist strap; when I found the little orange center piece I knew it would be a wonky log cabin block on top. I made up the wonky log cabin piecing as I went, but I think I followed the general principle of such a block.


It is so nice having a stash of ribbon and various closures. I settled on sew-in snaps since they would be easy for the recipient to adjust if needed. I used some cotton fiberfill I have on hand to stuff it since I wanted to keep it light in weight. At the meeting tonight several people used flax seed or rice to provide weight for larger pincushions meant to sit on the sewing table.


October 22, 2010. Tags: , , , . quilting, Sewing.

One Comment

  1. Angie replied:

    Oh so sweet! I saw this traveling around on a wrist after the swap yesterday and wanted to get a closer look at it! I am so glad you blogged it! I have that book…now I need to go look at the directions!

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