about that pajama top

Before I was able to get up the nerve into cutting a perfectly functional (if too long) t-shirt I broke out my Sew U Home Stretch and decided to tackle project #4, the boatneck top for my first project using some cheap ($2/yd) knit I bought for this exact trial purpose.  Oh, yeah, and I decided that I wanted to double the front layer since my knit was thin.  I had read the previous chapters, though I skipped the bit on using a serger since I don’t have a serger.  Instead of using a narrow zig-zag I used my machine’s modified zig-zag intended for stretch fabrics; it is more z-shaped than the traditional zig-zag.

There were a few issues – the directions and diagrams for drafting the changes to get from basic t-shirt to boatneck don’t match the actual pattern pieces; specifically the sleeve diagram shows parallel lines but if you follow the instructions they get wider at the cuff than the armpit.  But I noticed it looked odd, listened to myself (and checked a fitted sleeve from another pattern I owned) and successfully re-drafted the sleeve.  I did this by measuring the cuff of a t-shirt I like and measuring out half that new sleeve cuff distance from either side of the “center fold”, then drawing a straight line from the armpit to the cuff.


The other modifications I made were to make the shoulder seamline a little bit longer (I left it at 1 1/2″ instead of the specified 1″), despite this it still shows my bra-strap, but IIRC my shoulders are a little narrower than most. I’ll probably try the next version with 2″ long shoulder seamline. And I also cut off about 4-inches of the bodice length (since it was straight I just took it from the bottom), not surprising since I often need to hem “petite” clothing (or just deal with wearing too long stuff). Other than a little waviness on some of the stitch lines (the back neckline and the hemline) the shirt went together smoothly. I haven’t sewn any sort of set-in sleeve in a really long time and this one was easy (perhaps the stretch made it easier?). I’m not entirely sure how effective my stretch-stitch is since the style of this shirt has very few openings that need to stretch a lot to put it on (the neckline). Overall I’m happy and am now in search of some yummy flannel for coordinating pj bottoms.  I’ll probably also try adding some waist-shaping with the next version.


December 14, 2010. Tags: , , . Sewing.

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  1. Emily replied:

    Looks cozy!

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