Christmas Presents for Dogs

Yes, it is silly; but I figured making a dog bed (yet another one) for my grandmother’s dog would make her happy. I used this Scrappy Dog Bed tutorial, but in a brief moment of sanity (sparse when you are crafting presents on what is your personal equivalent to Dec 23) I decided to use a 1/4 yard of some home dec weight canvas I had in the stash (woo Stash Reduction!). I did briefly consider adding piping but the lucky for me I couldn’t find any that matched. Then crafting insanity hit and I decided to personalize the bed. Luckily the dog’s name is short. Zoe. I used the template from this plush alphabet magnet set tutorial (which I’ve yet to make) because I really like the style and size of the letters (also it is handier than opening a word processor and futzing with the fonts for 45 minutes).


I aimed for this to fit a standard pillow. I think the bed itself is a little too big, but my aunt pointed out that a queen size pillow would probably fit and it did (purchased once I arrived at grandmother’s house for easy packing)! To top it off Zoe the dog gets the favorite dog toy around these parts, a Nylabone. And here is a bad night-time shot taken at my grandmother’s house – I tried to get an “action shot” but it turned out to be a blurry dog tail on one half of the pillow.


January 7, 2011. Tags: , , . Sewing.


  1. Jaclyn replied:

    Looks great, I love it!

  2. Brooke replied:

    Oh wow, I completely love this. Beautiful!

    So listen, a few weeks back you were kind enough to leave a comment on my blog (Daily Skirt) to ask what pattern I used for a jacket. It’s Butterick 5145. I bought the pattern maybe 2 years ago and fear it may now be out of print, but you may still be able to find it in places (EBay, other online pattern sellers). Good luck and thank you for your kind comment!

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