WIPW: Cinnamon Slip

WIP= Work in Progress.  WIPW= Work in Progress Wednesday.  A theme of sorts, I’m attempting to adopt from my friend Beth, in hopes of more regular blog publishing (oh I write, I have 22 drafts, none of which feel worthy of hitting “publish” for one reason or another). You’ve seen the two hats I’m working on, and now my sewing nemisis:  Collette Pattern’s Cinnamon Slip.  Seriously, the creativity killing punches just keep coming.


Construction is fine, a few new methods which I rather like, but oh man am I having fit issues. I had heard that Collette Patterns drafts for a c-cup, and since I am decidedly not a c-cup my hesitance on fitting overuled my desire for her dress designs. When Cinnamon Slip came out I was excited because the style is one I often find forgiving in ready-to-wear. I took a class on this pattern, hoping to learn some new techniques, but other than mentioning grading from one size to another (which I knew) we didn’t cover fit. I’m not sure if I’m harder to fit or just pickier since the other two women in my class (I doubt they fit in c-cups either) seemed happy with their results. I decided there was no way I could wear this slip, even under something, with the bagginess that was happening under my breasts (notice the pins?  that is about where I think the seam needs to be). I’m not ready to even show you a picture. Before tackling the fit on my nice fabric I decided to try the camisole version. Red thread marking all the stitch lines. I left the seam between bust and midriff band loose to adjust the fit and see if my idea of fixing the nice version will work. The end result – my idea won’t work – I still had bagging fabric under my breasts. It is not flattering.


I’ve read Gertie’s SBA directions and attempted to tissue fit. I couldn’t get a handle of tissue fit (all result ended up in a very non-flat pattern piece, the best I could determine was I had to move the under-breast seam, the seam allowance now varies from 5/8″ to 1 5/8″. I checked Fast Fit and found it entirely unhelpful for SBA in this situation. I watched Casey’s SBA video, closer, I grasp the idea but still don’t know how to transfer it to my pattern piece (lacking a few of the identifying features, like sleeve notches). I’m trying to figure out what is going on with the bodice sloper I made in a class a couple springs ago… I need to take a look at Real Fit for Real People. And frankly I’m just not up for all of that now, so this WIP is officially a UFO in timeout. I’m think a full skirt might be my next clothing project.

February 2, 2011. Tags: , . Sewing.


  1. bethh replied:

    ha, I got the WIP Wednesday idea from another blog friend! I will get back on the wagon, as I’ve started another sweater – just have to get a picture of the very preliminary progress!

    the slip is pretty but that looks like a lot of work to refigure.

  2. AmyW replied:

    How the heck is it that I didn’t have your blog in my reader? Jeeze! I’ve got some back reading to do! 🙂

  3. Wende replied:

    It’s beautiful! The color is gorgeous. I’ve been meaning to give that pattern a try. . . not being one for patterns, I get nervous. But this makes me want to try. Lovely!

  4. Wende replied:

    Oh! I was so excited, I didn’t read closely. I still think it’s really pretty, but I do understand the “fit” thing. It’s why I don’t sew for myself that often. Still… it has such pretty lines and straps. Sigh.

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