Finished Friday, barely

I have 52 minutes left to get my finished friday post up.
These curtains were supposed to take less time than that (ignoring the ironing) – of course they didn’t. I mean seriously, the perfect size tablecloth (60″x84″ for a 36″ window with curtain rod installed 82″) plus curtain clips make for a fast set of curtains. Except when I tried the curtain clips the fabric pooled on the floor. Not good for this dog fur abundant household.
So I returned the curtain clips. Bummer. And machine basted in a casing.
Then I washed, dried and ironed the tablecloths, hung the first one back up and noticed…they shrank!
Back to Target for those curtain clips again.

whew, 35 minutes of Friday left.

February 12, 2011. Tags: , , . Solutions.


  1. Emily replied:

    Very pretty!

    It seems like nothing’s ever easy these days.

  2. AmyW replied:

    So did you take out the rod pocket before you rehung using clips?

  3. bethh replied:

    augh!!!! that would have killed the project for me. Yay for perseverance.

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