Blueberry Lime Jam Notes (2010)

I first heard of Blueberry Lime jam on the Little Red Bike Blog. Then PDX Knitterati mentioned it. I had to make it. Batch #1 was a half-batch, just 3 half-pints. But it confirmed – this was a must-make jam. I did make it a bit more lime-centric, using a full lime’s worth of zest instead of half a lime’s zest.

Batch #2 was a full-batch, but still small, 5 half-pints (I really thought I’d manage a 6th jar, but it was only half-full). To get 4 cups of mashed blueberries I had to mash about 7 cups of whole blueberries. I used Pomona’s Pectin , the full sugar amount (2 cups), lime juice and the zest from one lime.

Time: cleaning berries started at 8 pm, full jars went in the canner at 11:30 pm…

September 3, 2011. Tags: , , , . preserving.

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  1. Preserving: Lemony Strawberry Jam 1.0 | Anotheryarn Crafts replied:

    […] most jams, but then I browse my other books for flavor-boosting variations. This is how I make our blueberry-lime jam. And so it is where I started for the strawberry-lemon jam of my dreams. 4 cups mashed strawberries […]

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