Salsa 2010 notes

We purchased 15 lbs of canning tomatoes and 1 pint basket of jalapenos for our salsa canning adventure.

After pouring over countless recipes, worrying about vinegar versus lemon juice and the wide range of vinegar additions (necessary due to the questionable acidity level of the tomatoes combined with the low-acid peppers, onions and other salsa additions) we settled on Spicy Tomato Salsa (page 205) from Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine.

Some things we want to remember: Our 15 lbs of tomatoes yielded 21 cups of diced tomatoes (after blanching, peeling and coring). We used 12 cups for the salsa and froze the remaining in 2 cups increments. We used 4 chile negros and 5 guajillo chiles for the the dried chiles in the salsa and left the seeds in one jalapeno. Our yield was 8 pints and 1 half-pint. (I’ve yet to have a spot-on yield from this book.)

It took like 2 1/2 hours to go from raw, unprepped ingredients to salsa in a pot. Another 30 or 40 minutes to bring it to a boil. And finally 3 hours 45 minutes from starting (or maybe 3 hours 15 minutes) the filled cans are in the canning pot.

September 3, 2011. Tags: , , , . preserving.

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