FO: Camp Scarf

Due to my self-imposed summer UFO challenge, I didn’t have a great car-knitting project. Every weekend, before we left the house for our weekend fun or errands (drive to the coast, farmer’s market) I’d get frustrated since I wasn’t loving my lace project or its needles. And once July rolled around I was itching to start a new project; I grabbed a single skein of yarn, some needles and added the pattern to my shiny (ipod Touch). Despite my “gauge doesn’t matter” decisions it wasn’t the right yarn-pattern fit so I ripped out that day’s work. And on July 4th I mashed together two, maybe three patterns (Textured Shawl Recipe, Simple yet Effective Shawl and Lacy Baktus) and started this scarf. I’ve made a couple design decisions I regret but it was a fun project and flew by with the large yarn and needles.  Then it languished waiting for blocking. It ended up a smidge smaller than I’d prefer, and I probably could have gone up another needle size or two for better draping.  But now I have a non-precious scarf to keep my neck warm around the campfire (next year). Gauge appears to be about 3″ per inch in stockinette after blocking, but there aren’t any large portions of stockinette for a really good measure. Ideally I would have ended this with a section of garter stitch but I ran out of yarn after the last yarn-over section and when I cast off I had just enough to weave-in my ends. I’m not sure if this yarn will prove to be too itchy for my neck and I suspect I might need to add a cute button to help keep it wrapped since it isn’t long enough to bring the ends back around my neck if I want to wear it “cowboy style”.


Yarn: 1 skein of Stitch Nation Full o’ Sheep (Honeycomb)
Needles: Us 9 (harmony)
Size: hypotenuse measures 34.5″ after blocking, 14″ from center point to hypotenuse (was is that called?  geometry fail)

September 30, 2011. Tags: , . Knitting.

One Comment

  1. Emily replied:

    *puts on nerd hat* You can call it a hypotenuse if your center point is a right angle. Otherwise, it’s probably just the base of your triangle.

    What are your opinions of the Full o’ Sheep yarn in general? I think I picked up a skein or 2 when it was on sale recently, but haven’t had a chance to use it.

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