No Risk No Reward

I am not a risk taker.  Not one bit.  People who watch me quilt laugh at my obsessiveness with plotting it out before I start.  Sometimes this is helpful, but it also means that I have quilts that I’ve envisioned, have the fabric, have the sketch and haven’t started on for over a year.

And just now I was reading Daisy Jane and stumbled upon this phrase, “No risk, no reward,” in this post.

I’m a great big scaredycat.  I’m scared of wasting fabric.  I want it to be good.  I want it to be perfect.  I know I shouldn’t but I do.  The problem, I can’t get better without doing it.  Without putting in those 10,000 hours (or was it 20,000?).  Without “wasting” a little fabric.

The same goes for my clothes sewing.  I haven’t stitched a piece since my Sorbetto muslin fail.  A muslin stopped me.  Why didn’t I make a second one?  I don’t know.  Wait, that wasn’t the last clothing thing I sewed.  The last clothing I made was this cute skirt, I love this skirt.  It was put together out of leftovers from another long plotted skirt, and unfinished skirt.  Why are my failures more prominent in my memories than my successes?

February 7, 2012. Tags: . Problems, Sewing, Thoughts.


  1. Vivian replied:

    My goodness! What a wake up call for me; I need to practice my knitting. I find the same excuses. Perfectionism is my enemy.

  2. Megan replied:

    There’s an awesome Ira Glass quote on my wall in facebook. I’ll probably add it to a blog post soon. Seriously, it’s EXACTLY what you’re talking about here.

  3. Emily replied:

    But isn’t that the way it is for almost everything? It’s so easy to recall failures than successes. In my business of tech support/customer service, we say that it takes 12 good interactions to make up for 1 bad one. Maybe in sewing it takes more!

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