Blueberry Jam

Back in 2010 I made two batches of blueberry lime jam, we gave most of one batch away and ate all of the other. We were quite sad when we got down to the last jar. For some reason in 2011 I didn’t make it, but I did make blackberry jam (which didn’t go over as well for whatever reason). So this year I wanted to make sure to make another batch. And I’m trying to get better at recording my notes during canning.

3 pints of blueberries yielded about 2 1/2 cups of mashed berries. I add the zest of one lime and use lime juice for my added acid. With pomona’s pectin I use the full amount of sugar, 2 cups.

Since I had 1/2 cup of mashed blueberries I decided to experiment a little bit. I also had  almost a pint of strawberries and almost a pint of raspberries from this weekend I went ahead and mashed up the remaining strawberries and about half the raspberries – this gave me 1 1/2 cups of mashed berries. I added a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, the remainder of vanilla bean pods from a batch of vanilla sugar (plus the remaining tablespoon of sugar) and 3/4 cup of sugar. Oh and I used raspberry vinegar for my added acid. I’m geekily calling it Tri Vanilla Berry Jam.

September 21, 2012. Tags: , . preserving.

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