Looking back

It is that time of year where the various craft blogs I follow post beautiful photo grids of all the things they have completed in 2012.  All I can think of it what I didn’t complete.

  • My Blackberry Cozy Sweater (it was done, but I had to, had to rip it for wearability sake).
  • My mom’s christmas gift, a hat & scarf, though in my defense I essentially completed the hat only to decide the whole thing must be frogged, again.
  • My nephew’s hat, again, I completed it (ie finished knitting), on NYE, but it looks too small and I’m seriously considering frogging that hat too.
  • My Backyard Baby quilt kit, I bought this semi-impuslively at Sew Expo, worked on it almost exclusively during sew days and am so close, I could have finished it during the last sew day of the year but I choose to work on something else, oh yeah, a bag to carry my featherweight.
  • My sprockets pillow (top is done).
  • My quilt club quilt top is just a top, not a finished quilt.
  • Basically all of the quilts that I planned to make in 2012, I need to check the list, but I’m not sure I actually started any of them either.
  • The christmas table runner (and bonus pot holder from the scraps) from a kit I received last christmas – I should have assembled it quilt as you go style, but I wasn’t thinking ahead on that at all.
  • The grey skirt I started back in fall 2011 (basically I need to seamrip it back to pattern pieces and reassemble if there is any hope at all of me wearing it).
  • The yellow skirt I cut out in November (never mind when I bought the pattern and fabric for it).
  • And I almost forgot, the improv charity quilt on my design wall.

The number of yarn projects I manage to complete this year is lower than any other year, never mind having photos for a quarter of them.

…And I’ve been sitting on this post for nearly a week, waiting to pull photos off my camera. Nevermind, photoless post it is.

January 8, 2013. Knitting, Sewing, Thoughts.


  1. bethh replied:

    Hey, at least you started a bunch of interesting stuff! It hasn’t been a wildly productive knitting year for me, either. I’ve got a sweater about 1/5 done, some socks about 1/5 done, a scarf 1/5 done…. ah well, 2013 is another year!

  2. Sarah replied:

    Aww, I hate to hear you sound down on yourself. You know how they say that a clean desk is a sign of an empty mind? I think a lack of WIPs is a sign of an uncreative soul. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway (I have many). Are you still excited about any of the projects in your list above? Personally, I like hearing about WIPs too, not just finished objects.

  3. WIPW: sewing this and that | Anotheryarn Crafts replied:

    […] yellow skirt waiting to be hemmed and a grey skirt waiting to be put back together. Both skirts hit my crafty to-do list back in January, but with Me-Made-May 2013 just around the corner (which I haven’t actually signed up for […]

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