A blog I read, Becoming Gezellig, has a recurring theme post she calls weekending – I enjoy these short glimpses into her life. And sometimes I just want to document random bits of these I see, a place for my too numerous photos of clouds, moss and such. And so, I am copying her on occasion, if a bit late this week for documenting this past weekend.

On Saturday it was very cold but sunny, and we’ve been trying to incorporate more long walks, taking advantage of the sunshine and dry weather (I also had this idea to go check out some bridge construction). We bundled up and set off shortly after noon.

Frost (semi-rare here) had only melted where the sun hit.


Some of the older neighborhoods have rings embedded in the sidewalks (horse hitches?), a few also have children’s plastic figurines hooked to these rings. These figurines always make me smile.


We also have sidewalk stairs around town (and a book devoted to them, The Portland Stairs Book). It often feels like you are walking in someone’s yard when you take these stairs, hopefully I won’t make that gaffe on a walk. Portions of the stairs were in the shade, but luckily they were still dry, or our walk would have been much longer, zig-zagging down the hill along the roads.


Moss photo #12,345 or something like that, this one of the boring concrete barrier that blocks the road from the path narrow path below and alongside it.


I liked the contrast of the yellow hook against the blue sky.


The destination of our walk, watching the Sellwood Bridge move (we actually did get to see an inch or so move, but just seeing the bridge detached was wild, I can’t imagine how freaky it was to being on it during the process, a process that took something like 15 hours). Crowds had collected on both sides of the bridge.


Huge tree trunk (yet another one of my goofy picture themes, tree photo here but you get less sense of the scale).


And it was good mountain viewing day (not always the case on sunny days, sometimes we have sun but still too much cloud cover to see the mountains). On Sunday Mt. Hood was even prettier glistening in the sun, but I didn’t have my camera on me when I noticed it.
IMG_7167 cropped


We finished off an excellent Saturday with a trip to Powell’s and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.

January 24, 2013. Tags: . Life.


  1. bethh replied:

    Nice shot of the mountain! the views of it were really amazing this weekend – I happened to catch it all pink and sunsetty on Monday but was a) driving and b) without camera. Still, it was breathtaking.

    I’ve always figured those rings were for horses, yes., and they make me happy when I see them.

  2. Wende replied:

    That was amazing with the bridge. We only watched the news, but what stunning bit of engineering. Your weekending looks pretty wonderful.

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