WIP Wednesday: Rosie

I’m making my niece a stuffed bear. This pattern has been on my list for a while, originally I was going to use some stash yarn, but I worried about gauge and the yarn is very pale, not good for a bear that will hopefully be loved a lot.


I snapped this photo last weekend, now I’m onto the bear’s head. I’ve stumbled a few times, questioning the way the pattern is written (which is fine, I just wanted to do things a little differently, and due to the magic of Ravelry I was able to confirm with the pattern designer that I wouldn’t screw it up making those changes). I wish I had done a provisional cast-on, but I hadn’t. However in stockinette you can un-work the cast-on (or snip a stitch and un-work a row), then put the newly liberated live stitches on your needles and proceed. I’ve heard that un-working the cast-on can be horribly tedious, so I tested it out. Not easy, but not too bad over the course of a couple easy to follow tv shows. I did a test run before diving in on my work, because while you can always frog and re-knit I’m on a timeline.


Testing with a 20 stitch tube instead of something 3 times that. If you look closely you might notice that the live stitches are not quite lined up – what constitutes a column of knit stitches changes depending on which edge you look at – that is ok for stockinette.

February 20, 2013. Tags: , . Knitting.

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