Last Weekend

Last Friday it was sunny and 60 degrees, so I made an afternoon of it and treated myself to a couple of my favorite things in the city: Cool Cottons for fabric shopping and Cool Moon for ice cream.
Fabric for an impulsive new project, one stash-enhancement piece, an impulsive fabric piece, more grey to complete a project, and another owl print for my eventual owl quilt.

Strawberry Sorbet and Butter Almond Brickle. Not a particularly winning combo, but sometimes I pick two micro-scoops simply so I can indulge in two flavors.

On Saturday we lingered too long in the morning, and the weather turned from dry to wet on our walk to get waffles. Instead of turning back for home we carried on anyway. For the first time I noticed the yard with the huge garden had bee hives.


After eating our waffles, it was still raining, so we opted to head home instead of continuing to explore on foot as originally planned. The sky was misleading but pretty.

Directly above us it was raining and grey (the dark upper left corner is my hand trying to block drops from hitting the lens).

Of course we had forgotten our raincoats, so we got rather wet on our walk, my glasses looked like this.

This is the one thing I hate about wearing glasses.

I ran errands. And then I finally got to make a treat I’ve been dreaming of for a while, a savory small bite. I’m not sure when I bookmarked the recipe, and I was in such a hurry when they finished I never snapped a photo (also it was dark). Blue cheese savouries with rosemary-rhubarb jam (homemade last summer, I’m sure any jam that pairs well with blue cheese would work). The recipe has you roll them out into tiny round crackers, but I formed mine like thumbprint cookies and piped jam into the center. Due to the size my yield changed (IIRC I got about 60 “cookies” from a double batch) and the bake time was closer to 15-18 minutes instead of 10 (also they tasted better slightly over-baked than under-baked). They were delicious and received with rave reviews.

Blue Cheese Savouries ready for the oven.

And then our Sunday morning looked like this (it often does, really the only variation is what type of tea you will find in our mugs, that morning it was Mt Hood Vanilla black tea with a splash of milk).

February 22, 2013. Tags: . Life.


  1. AmyW replied:

    I love that owl print – I can’t wait to see what that quilt turns into. 🙂 (Us too on weekends & tea.)

  2. bookishbiker replied:

    I just love that the savories got wolfed down so quickly. That recipe is a keeper!

  3. Gail replied:

    it’s always so fun getting new fabric!! I hate wearing glasses in the rain too ~ or maybe I just getting tired of the rain itself 😉

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