Finished it Friday

My late Madrona Road challenge. No chance of prizes for me, oh well, I’m glad it isn’t a UFO.


See the earlier WIP here. I tried to make the puddles work, and to incorporate a little bit of selvedge from the fabric line, but it just wasn’t. So I simplified and finished it. I bought more grey fabric (Northcott though I don’t recall the exact color at the moment) just in case, but in the end I just barely eeked out the binding (2″ strip leftover) from my first yard. I trimmed it to be around 27″ x 29″ and now I need to decided where to hang it in the house. I should probably title it PNW Spring, though I called it Raindrops at show n tell last night.

March 22, 2013. Tags: , , . quilting.


  1. mlwilkie replied:

    Very nice finish, I love the different sized drops. Our quilting guild just started our challenge…..I hoping to finish up in May.

  2. Sarah replied:

    Wow, I love the way it ended up! Somehow it reminds me of raindrops on a windowpane, and just gives me such a cozy feeling. Sometimes simpler is better, eh?

    • anotheryarn replied:

      Thanks. True sometimes simpler is better. Though in my own work I struggle to figure out when it is me being lazy versus the simpler solution being the better solution.


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