I like picnics

Inspired by my friend Sarah’s May goal of going on a picnic (or maybe in attempt to inspire her).



Last weekend we debated driving to the coast (above, September 2008) but decided to just enjoy the good weather we were having in town instead. We headed to the lilac garden since the lilacs were blooming all around us and I’ve been wanting to be in the park during the bloom for a while now. (I never had the timing right before).


We actually ate on the benches since we though our sandwiches might be more tempting than grass to our sheep/cow dog. And then we chilled on the blanket with a good book. Check out all that purple (and blond lump grazing):


We like picnics. I made a blanket/quilt just for picnics. Picnics are about food of course, but also…

reading (September 2010)

handcrafts (April 2012)

people (or dog) watching (April 2012)

May 3, 2013. Tags: . Life.


  1. Sarah replied:

    This looks so fun! Now if the weather will just cooperate! It’s supposed to be sunny and warm here today, but it’s cool and drizzly. Perhaps we’ve traded weather?

  2. Sarah replied:

    I’m going on a picnic tonight!!! I knew you would be happy to hear it.

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