Too much fun, too few photos

Over the weekend I participated in the second annual Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meetup.  This year it was in Portland which meant I was familiar with all the places we went and just didn’t think to take photos.  I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the weekend.

If you prefer, the TLDR version: Thursday=fun, Friday=fun, Saturday=fun, Sunday=fun and exhausted. Everyday=lots of chatting, sewing, shopping, eating, drinking and general merriment. Oh and a smidge of learning. A few photos and many many more words follow.

Thursday started a bit stressed, I was rushing to get things done (tote-bag swap), finishing a project for show n tell at our meeting that night; and life (hair cut, house repair bid appointment, shopping for furniture)… And finally our annual guild picnic. The weather kept trying to rain, but luckily our president found a great covered rain location and part of the picnic was graced by rainbows overhead. And we got a sneak peak at quilts from Christina Lane & Diane Gilleland’s new book Quilting Happiness. I’m seriously looking forward to this book. I made it an early night since I had a tote bag to finish. Oh but I did win fabric from Bear Creek Quilting Company (yay and thank you). At the end of the evening TheHusband asked, “how many pros do you have in your group?” I answered, “A lot. Sometimes it can be rather intimidating.”

IMG_7969 IMG_7965

On Friday I managed to get in one mini-class at Modern Domestic, Intro to [the] Quilt Frame with Rachel of 2nd Ave Studio (they sold out fast).  Rachel is the best and I hope that I can quilt half as good as she does some day. We have very different approaches to quilting but I still want to soak up her knowledge like a sponge. Hopefully someday I can give something back as well. The class was awesome and a touch scary (so much to absorb in 2 1/2 hours). And so very very different than free motion quilting on a domestic machine. I was a dork and cut off and kept my second practice row on the frame. I plan on making some coasters out of it, silly but hey it seemed the right size and keeping it makes me happy.


Then there was a short amount of chill time, and I did just that hanging at MD, chatting and well I don’t know what else – but before I knew it the space was filling up for the Kick-off party. All three rooms at MD were packed, there was food, drink, merriment, and tote-bag swapping (oh and shopping, but I abstained that night). But of course the night wasn’t over – more socialized was planned back at the hotel where our organizers thoughtfully booked a hospitality suite. I attempted to crochet (but needed to rip out most of what I accomplished, I can knit and talk but not crochet – stupid counting foiled me) and then got a mani from MaryAnn. A polka-dotted mani! Eventually I made my way home and crashed in bed.


Saturday! First up caffeine. Then I filled the car with sew-day supplies and made my way to Fabric Depot. It was hopping there, I’m guessing we had at least twice as many people as usual. After a quick round to see the cool things people were working on I quickly left to do some shop-hopping with a car full of enabling quilting friends. Our first stop wasn’t actually on our shop hop list, but is oh so close to FD and you never know what you will find. Knittn’ Kitten is a crafty thrift store. I picked up 2 1/2 yards a pretty pink fabric, coordinating hand-dyed rick-rack, coordinating beads for a necklace, and some other random bits. I think Knittin Kitten is a total low-guilt shop since it is all second-hand, but it is still way to easy to spend a bundle (I spent $17 – I mean I got a lot for $17 but once you start digging in the buttons or ric-rac it starts adding up). And then we made our way to Scrap. In the nearly 7 years I’ve lived here I’ve meant to check out scrap, but hadn’t until this weekend. It was very overwhelming, you have to be in the digging mood but there can be great finds. I left with 2 very long zippers for a grand total of 50 cents.

IMG_7975 IMG_7971

And finally we made our way back to Fabric Depot. Then I decided to check in on the charity sew at Modern Domestic, was told they could use some more people so I drove over there (with another meet-up person, IIRC Constance) and made two Urban Chicken blocks in two hours (I am such a slow quilter this is amazing for me). My first attempt at making wonky chickens was sort of hilariously non-wonky (not perfect, but hardly wonky). I did better on my second attempt but didn’t think to snap a photo of the first before it was whisked into a quilt top.


And then we took over Cartopia for dinner and I finally got to meet my tote-bag maker. Thank you Connie! It is just the right size to straddle between tote-bag and purse. And of course we went back to the hospitality suite again. This time I carted up my machine and finally started making my long planned Michael Miller neon’s equilateral triangle bag (using leftovers from our neon block challenge). I managed to sit next to Allison, and it was awesome to reconnect since we met twice last year. Since I was sewing and driving home I didn’t partake in Elizabeth’s Seam Ripper drink being mixed, but I heard it was very tasty. Holly was passing around her freezer paper stenciled bag to sign, and Allison pointed out that despite the dozen plus signatures we all kept the markers in proper order.


And Sunday, I set my alarm for the 9:30 brunch but it just wasn’t happening, and I’m so glad I slept another hour (I actually managed 7 hours that night!). I made my way to Cool Cottons where I managed to snag a scrap bag before they were gone. And then the fabric fumes got to me. 3 yards of fabric went home with me that day.

IMG_7966 IMG_7970

I did a little bit more running around, ran into Heather at Portland Flea where I bought a scoop of buttons and two small pyrex bowls, then made my way down to Mill End for some boring supplies, I meant to also stop by Pendelton but it was getting later, I was getting tired and I realized that I forgot to grab a blanket so I could go pick up our new-to-us dining table, so I headed home, grabbed an old blanket and TheHusband and we spent the rest of the afternoon dealing with furniture. Once that was done he made me dinner and I crashed for the night.

I’m certain I missed things, I didn’t even manage to show you my new tote bag… but I’ve got to stop somewhere.

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  1. bethh replied:

    That’s so awesome! What a crazy weekend. I took that long-arm class at MD and since I know absolute squat about sewing, it was crazy intimidating, but necessary to get my friend’s wedding quilt done. Fortunately my expert friend did most of the hard stuff. I might actually learn to sew this year and your posts will be much clearer to me then 🙂

    • anotheryarn replied:

      You took the long-arm class! That is quite the introduction to sewing 🙂 If you ever want to come over and have me walk you through a project just let me know.

      • bethh replied:

        I’ve just signed up for 8 weeks of intro to sewing at PCC – my friend is going to let me borrow her not-really-portable machine (a Bernina I think)! Stay tuned for more sewing talk! I think the class does a robe, and I want to do curtains & cloth napkins (which, I know… SO easy).

  2. Sarah replied:

    That sounds so fun! I’ve only really gone to one event like that, where I was able to completely immerse myself for the whole weekend (a knitting retreat) and it was just as great as you describe.

    • anotheryarn replied:

      I’ve always been under the impression that a retreat has a different feel, due to the secluded environment – but the immersion amongst fellow ____ is probably the same. And yes so much fun. I hope you get to do something like it again.

  3. Lisa Lisa replied:

    Wow! You really packed a lot in that weekend! I didn’t visit nearly as many shops, unfortunately. So much fun! It was great to meet you 🙂

    • anotheryarn replied:

      Well I did have the advantage of my own car and knowledge of the city. But I also spent very little time at the Saturday sew events.

  4. Jennifer Gleich replied:

    Had a great time during the meet up weekend. Glad to see you in class. Now if only I could get that quilt frame back up. It was a whirlwind weekend, but I am looking forward to doing it all over again next year!

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