WIPW: Crocheted Stool Cozy

This project has been percolating in my brain since I saw this stool covered with a granny-round cover three years ago. Three years ago (pin to prove it)! Of course at the time I didn’t have lots of brightly colored yarn scraps in the same weight (I flit about yarn the same way I flit about projects, I’m all over the map). At the beginning of this year a friend was destashing yarn and gave me these balls of worsted weight Nature Spun yarn.

And this weekend I decided it was time. Being stuck on the couch all day due to feeling ill had something to do with it… I’m almost done, but surprised at how long an outer round is taking. Since I’m not comfortable enough with crochet to wing it and expect my piece to come out flat and round I went searching on Ravelry for a pattern. I found this Granny Mandala pattern that seemed like the best fit. Monday night I thought I was done with the top and so I lightly steam blocked it. Nope, not done yet. And that is how my pile of WIP grows.

granny stool cover

March 12, 2014. Crochet.


  1. sarahkerner replied:

    It will be very cute when it’s done! (I admit my first thought when I read the title was a full toilet sweater.)

    • anotheryarn replied:

      I agree that the title and object name aren’t the greatest. I just wanted to write a little bit and get the project in Rav while it was fresh in my mind so… I’m totally open to new object names 🙂

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