QotD: My Weekend Plans

What are your weekend plans?

Is it cheating to answer this when the weekend is half-over?  Oh well.

Original plans: Stay home get a bit of home-stuff done, shop for curtain fabric, hit a farmer's market, errand type stuff.

What happened so far:
Friday: Did errands to become official state residents (license stuff, voter registration, etc); rewarded myself with a trip to a Huge fabric store, met up with TheHusband and some of his coworkers at a brewpub and socialized.

Saturday: Slept-in accidentally.  Realized the weather was going to be nice, so we ditched our vague plans for the Beach!!!  We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a new place (bagel sandwiches, the best thing about the place was they did their breakfast sandwiches all day and despite being noon I was in a breakfast mood) then made our way to the beach.  We just meandered along the beach for awhile, then meandered through the beach town, stopping for an early dinner and in a couple shops (I bought very yummy salt-water taffy, TheHusband bought a sweatshirt cause he was getting cold).  Then we drove a few miles down the coast to another beach (why not) to watch the sun set and drove home.  Next up hot chocolate and a movie.

Sunday: nesting around the house, some shopping to facilitate nesting, laundry, grocery shopping

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Vox Hunt: Animal Drawing

Show us a drawing of an animal.

This is cropped from a picture of a van I saw.  They painted/drew all sorts of crazy stuff on it.

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I can’t stand cord clutter

I tend to be very good at keeping cord clutter at bay.  One key element to that is to make sure that cords don't twist with other cords.  Having a laptop for your desktop machine also helps :)  Typically I store all my gadget cords in this cute metal lunchbox.

However with the new office and desk set-up the lunchbox cannot be stored right above the desk on pretty shelves.  So when I get out the cell phone cord it lays around all messy (and sometimes disappears under other piles of stuff), same for the palm cord and the camera cord and… Within the last month I saw a fabulous "hide all your gadget charging tools" idea in Blueprint (or was it Martha Stewart Living or Real Simple?).  They took two fabric covered document boxes, storing the power strip and plug-ins in the bottom box and feeding the cords through the grommet and storing the chargeable (cell phone, palm, ipod, etc) in the top box (imagine the boxes on their sides, stacked on top of each other, the grommets facing the wall).  I looked around town for similar boxes but didn't see anything that caught my eye.  Then I decided that I could convert the bottom tray of my tray stack for this purpose.  Due to bulking plugins I only fit three items on my powerstrip, but they are the three I need to charge the most.

I tied the powerstrip to the back of the tray with some spare clear elastic (meant for beading) that I already owned (can you see the clear elastic strips?).

I did need a second set of hands to help with this since the weight of the powerstrip cord kept trying to pull the powerstrip out of the tray and the tray was sliding all over my desk (scratching the top).  See the little white dots, I added felt to the bottom of the tray to keep more scratches from happening.

I plugged everything in (using twist ties to keep the length of cord not needed from tangling) leaving just enough cord to peek out of the tray and stacked the other trays back on top of the first.  I used velco cord bundling straps to keep the power strips cord bundled and off the floor (this took two strips since they weren't long enough to go around the desk leg and extra 6 ft of cord length.

Now when I look under my desk I don't see any cords collecting dust bunnies on the floor, just one plugged into the outlet and going towards the desk leg.

My desk "inbox" trays now look like this when I need to charge something and I still have an extra outlet for the less used chargers (like the camera):

Now I just need to tackle this cordkeeping dilemma (sorry honey, I know you worked at keeping the cords neat, now we just need to figure out how to keep them off the floor)

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Today’s lunch: Delicious Delicious Apples

When I was around 7 my elementary school had an activity day for the kids and their parents.  I don't remember a lot about it (was it a regular event, was it first or second grade?) but I do remember the building it was in, a rarely used building on the edge of the school grounds, with rumors of the area being haunted.  We made ono ono apples (this translates to delicious delicious apples).  With the help of our parents we sliced the apple (probably with one of those push-down corer-slicer thingies) and then spread peanut butter on the apple slices with a butter knife.  Then we got to eat them.  Clearly with today's awareness of peanut allergies this activity wouldn't fly with a group of kids now.

I forgot about this for many years because I didn't care very much for apples.  Then I found the granny smith apple, then the fuji and gala apple, then the braeburn apple.  And since we've moved to appleland I have discovered the honeycrisp apple, one bite and I think this apple took the seat of most beloved apple in my mouth.  I like tart, crispy apples;  none of the meal too sweet lack of flavor that red delicious apples have (which, if I believe the hearsay, and I do, were breed for size and looks).  If you do not like tart apples I think gala's are the least tart of all my favorites (braeburns and honeycrisp should be okay too, though remember I adore tart so my tart scale might be skewed).

Ono Ono Apples make a great component of a packed lunch (or breakfast).  I wish I could remember what else I pack when I have ono ono apples (which I treat as my main course).  It is simple.  Pack an apple (I like to wrap it in a papertowel and make sure it won't get bruised during traveltime) and through a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter in a small tuppeware-like container.  Add a cheapy paring knife (plastic handle, rounded tip) and your good.  At lunch time I take a slice of apple, spread some peanut butter on the flesh and eat.  Repeat.

The right amount of peanut butter might take a few tries.  I tend to be generous with my peanut butter, TheHusband tends to take very small amount with his apple.

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Pad Thai

We made pad thai for dinner tonight.  We started trying to make pad thai at home after moving and our favorite thai place didn't make pad thai the way our previous thai place made it.  At first I tried a Thai Kitchen kit, blech.  Then I found A Taste of Thai pad thai sauce packet–this made pad thai at home so easy.  I figured that the key ingredient was the tamarind.  Beware, I've seen a number of products with tomato sauce and no tamarind.

Eventually our stand-by supermarket stopped carrying the pad thai packet and I had to search out a recipe on my own.  Here two resources that I've found most helpful:
pad thai recipe from Kasma Loha-unchit, I also recommend checking out this site more, there is good information on ingredients and brands
egullet forum thread on pad thai

A trip to my favorite international market and I had the necessary odd ingredients: tamarind concentrate (so much easier than the chunk of tamarind I had to buy tonight), fish sauce and palm sugar (now I just use regular sugar, haven't noticed a big difference myself).  We don't use shrimp (or preserved radish, though I'd like to try it if I find it).  The first time we made this it took a long time.  Since then we've pared down prep to fit inside the noodle soaking time (we like wide noodles that take 30 minutes of soaking) and it just takes a few minutes more after that.  I almost have the sauce recipe memorized.  Almost.  Now I just need to find a new international market (darn move).

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I’m back :)

As my other post indicated I think I'm ready to post again.  So, a variety of thoughts that I have in my head:

  • I am wondering if bookishbiker has her curtains up again.
  • My middle name is Marie.  My mom also gave my little sister the same middle name cause it worked with her name too.
  • I finally bought VM season 2 today.  Yay!
  • We went camping over the weekend.  Yet again, we managed to only camp once in a year.
  • I'm just not feeling the nesting thing like I normally do when I am in a new place.
  • I'm still working on the x-back tank.  So close, I am nearly done with the second half of the triangle part of the top and realized that something is amise with my decreases.  So i need to rip it and do it again.
  • I'm knitting the "one skien" baby hat in Artful yarns Candy.  I am doing it on dpns to avoid seaming.  And it seems bigger than I remember the sample in the yarn store.  I'm about 2 inches in, second cast-on attempt.
  • I'm not sure if I'm stuck on the socks or not.  Should pick them up again and figure it out.
  • I am becoming obsessed with Amy Butler designs.  On one hand they are rather simple, on the other it is the perfect fabric and proportions that make them just so, and while I could probably recreated some of it on my own I bet I wouldn't get the lovely proportions that her patterns have.  And I have doubts on finding such divine fabrics, although I have a hope in a local fabric shop.
  • I got a card at the local library today and limited myself to 5 books.  So of course I brought 6 home.

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September 21, 2006. Tags: . former Vox Blog, Life. 1 comment.

QotD: Musical Horoscope

I can't figure out (and don't feel like messing with it) how people are getting the quote thing going with the qotd.  I suspect it has something to do with following a tag or the front page of Vox.

My itunes shuffle says:

Cornflake Girl –Tori Amos*
New Slang — The Shins
I love you — Sarah McLachlan
I wish I was a girl — Counting Crows
In the morning — New World Spirits
Ain't no thang but a chickin' — Dixie Chicks*
Black river — Amos Lee
Sharks can't sleep — Tracy Bonham
Part-time lover — Stevie Wonder^
I just don't think I'll ever get over you — Colin Hay

*Indicates the music was originally purchased for me, ^Indicates music I purchased, although it was for The Husband just to show how music shy/dumb/etc I am.  Luckily I like most of TH's stuff so it all worked out.  We don't own a lot of music compared to some people I know but I lucked out, I brought like 10 CDs to the union, he brought around 150… I wonder how many more have been bought via itunes music store?  And he will buy something for me like 9 months before I will buy it for myself. 

I wonder if I will feel like hitting fastfoward for any of these songs?

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September 21, 2006. Tags: . former Vox Blog, Thoughts. 1 comment.

behind, overwhelmed

I'm moving.  I'm behind in my postings and my keeping up with friends lives.  I never actually did any work on the tank-top I posted about last time, it just sat on my couch all week.  I've packed up all my craft stuff (I think) and managed to condess it into 2 rubbermaid tubs.  One is mostly fabric, the other yarn plus stuff like crayons, colored pencils and my prismacolor markers (that I never use but those things are expensive).

I imagine that I will be behind for the next two weeks, minimum.

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August 26, 2006. former Vox Blog, Life. 1 comment.

Knitting WIP number 2,583

Okay I don’t have that many WIP…  I think there are 10:

    • crochet shawl
    • crochet baby blanket (intended recipient is now 1)
    • knit scarf
    • knit tank top (actually I haven’t started yet)
    • crochet water bottle holder
    • crochet purse (actually I just need to block, steam and find embellishments)
    • knit doll blanket (I wonder if the requestor is even still interested)
    • knit scarf (I might give up on this project)
    • knit one skein baby hat, haven’t started but the baby isn’t due until October and it is one skein
    • knit xback tank top

Knitting WIP number 2,583

Then there are all the projects in my head that I want to do.  Like some National Knit Crochet a Sweater Year (I can’t remember how they abbreviated it) sweater.  I haven’t even picked a pattern or yarn for that so I don’t think it will happen.  I know I know, two tanks tops would be one sweater…but I fell in love with this bamboo/cotton yarn blend (Katia bamboo and saw this pattern book with a tank top that looks a lot like my favorite tank top, Louisa Harding yarns Beachcomber Bay Design Collection) so that went on the list.  And I already had ribbon yarn for the X back tank (from Knitty) that I found for 50% off at Michael’s (I thought wow a knitted object for only $15 worth of yarn, cool).

So I started Xback back in April.  I got thru 2 1/2 skiens in about two weeks, then I thought, this doesn’t look right and discovered that it was like twice the width I needed it to be, so I ripped it (plus I had screwed upn the seed stitch pattern).  Then I had to rewind the balls (didn’t know that I should do this on spools at the time), then I started over.  It is now August and I’m on skein 4.  I’m at the part where I have to split it to make the v-neck and I’m a little scared.  But I should just jump in and finish.  It will probably go quickly and today is a good knitting day if I ignore everything else on that to do list.

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VM season 1: finished

I finished watching season 1 on Monday, wait, Tuesday night.  At first I was pacing myself, but then I found out season 2 is out soon and season 3 starts in early October.  So then I started watching 3 episodes each (I love when the library lets you borrow an entire season).  I also noticed that the library discs look different than the netflix discs.  The only thing about season 1 that left me wondering was, why did people like Lilly so much?

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