Me Made May 2014

Last year I participated in Me Made May by wearing at least one me-made handmade item of clothing a day. I fell off the photo wagon at some point and stopped documenting the project on my blog. But I managed all but one day IIRC.

This year May snuck up on me. I never actually pledged to do this challenge. I didn’t even think I made any new garments since last May (but I had, plus finished a couple things). But once I realized it was May 1st and an unseasonal scorcher of a day I decided to grab a me-made top, my Colette Sorbetto (probably never documented) made out of some Lisette for JoAnn’s cotton lawn (I think). The first time I cut out Sorbetto I cut entirely the wrong size and it was horrible on me – this top, might need a little tweaking but I think the fit is decent though I’m not entirely sure how to style it since wearing snug t-shirts is such a default for me. Store bought shorts and flip-flops did the job today.

So belatedly, I, Anotheryarn, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavor to wear one me-made garment each day for the duration of May 2014.

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MMM’13 Days 1-5

Yikes, this is getting tough. I really hope I don’t repeat the same 5-7 outfits. This morning (day 5) while getting dressed I realized, due to the warm weather (seasonal anomaly) I had to pick between 2 skirts and 1 pair of pants. Knitted woolen items are not going to work when it is 80+ degrees. Also, I re-found these timely Already Pretty posts: How to Look Awesome in a Photo part 1How to Look Awesome in a Photo part 2How to Look Awesome in a Photo part 3. But since I found these tips on day 5 and am dealing with the self-timer function 90% of the time (ok more like 85.7%). Day one was a bit disastrous as I couldn’t find my camera or the piece that holds my camera to my tripod (nope not together, that would be too easy) so I used my phone camera (thank goodness it has that dual front/rear camera thing going) – except I’m pretty bad at it, we are lucky you didn’t catch my finger pulling way from the button. Day two I decided to take on Patty the Snug Bug’s (who has dropped off the face of sewing blogging) and vaguely Wonder Woman-ish pose. It feels pretty good. And I started distracting myself with Dog who was curious about what I was doing.

Untitled IMG_7544

IMG_7548 IMG_7559

IMG_7560 IMG_7563

I have one skirt and one pair of pants that I haven’t worn yet (plus another wool cardigan but that won’t work with our current forecast). And I still need to finish two skirts (hems, argh) and have two tops that are in process (cut out, partially together). That should help. I’m hoping something I make will soon become a TNT pattern but so far nada.

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