WIP: slogging along


Lovely lighting in my home around 5 pm yesterday… I finally spent some quality time with my blackberry cozy sweater.  I’ve been stuck on this sleeve since December, mostly because I refocused on a making christmas gifts.

First I knit a couple of inches and discovered that my new skein was visibly different.  So I ripped that out as well as a few inches of the body of the sweater.  I restarted the sleeve alternating rounds with the body yarn and the new skein.  The color has been fixed but around 4 inches in I realize that my gauge has changed (from 4.33 sts/inch to 4.5 sts/inch).  I decided to plod on anyway and cross my fingers that it will wash out.  Yesterday I finally made it through all of my decreases and a good bit of the ‘work plain’ portion of the sleeve.  Only today I count my stitches before starting my decreases for the ribbed cuff and discover my stitch count is off.  Now I’m very tempted to rip the whole sleeve and try again.  But I also really thought I’d be wearing this sweater by now and I’m not ready to stomach that sort of set back.

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WIP Blackberry Cozy

When September hit I knew I wanted to start my long overdue second sweater.  I bought the yarn two summers ago and had the pattern picked out since 2007 (but then I reconsidered and decided to make Indigo Playmate instead, same designer, different pattern).  So I started swatching, of course the first swatch was off so I swatched again, did a bit of math and finally cast on September 21.  Two weeks later I was finally ready to divide my sleeves off of the cardigan.


But then I realized that the v-neck, when worked according to pattern was incredibly shallow, and it didn’t follow what the pattern image showed (though it did follow the pattern diagram, I was swayed by the pattern image showing a deep, wide v-neck).  And so I snapped this photo right before I ripped the whole thing out.  Luckily I was at knit nite at my LYS and so I was able to use their ball winder to rip and re-cake the yarn in one step.

Since I was reknitting anyway, since my careful calculations weren’t working, I decided to follow my knitting gut.  The fabric I was creating with US 5 (yes 5 when the recommended needle was a 7 and I was still a smidge too big in gauge) felt a bit stiff so I decided to cast on with a US 6.  I figured that since I had picked the smaller size that would give me negative-ease as written (the next size up had too much positive ease) it would work out.  Oddly enough my gauge (pre-wash measurement) is now closer to pattern (and yarn ball band) than before.

And I did a little perusing of other v-neck, top-down raglan rates of increase for the neckline and decided to modify my cardigan to increase at a slower rate (every 6th row), thus creating a slightly deeper v-neck.  And now two weeks later, I’m ready to divide my sleeves and work on the body of the cardigan.  Which means my knitting looks exactly like it did two weeks ago in the picture above.

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