Rip it

And now Salt-n-Pepa’s Push It is in my head…

 finished sweater?  nope

My February Lady Sweater was done, just waiting end-weaving, button sewing and blocking; but the women at knit night agreed with me. The sleeves are too short (plus the cast-off was a little too snug creating a balloon effect).

Sleeves are too short

So last night while we watched Dollhouse (finally getting good, though I fear next week might be its last)  I wove in all the ends except on the sleeve cuffs. And I ripped out one sleeve cuff. *sigh* I was glad that I put in a lifeline on one sleeve right before the garter stitch cuff (this would be the second sleeve, around the time I started doubting the sleeve length myself). It didn’t take much time to put in a second lifeline on the edge of the other cuff, though I suspect I will also be tinking a row or two.


Like I said, thank goodness for lifelines, as I had no worries about ripping back too far and it won’t take much time at all to get those stitches back on the needles (correct orientation and all). The Ultra Alpaca sort of snagged on itself in a few spots, mostly in the cast-off row, but otherwise it looks fine and I wound the mess into I nice little center pull ball. Sadly I know this also means I will have two extra ends to weave in on each sleeve.

all hail the lifeline

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