Christmas Presents for Dogs

Yes, it is silly; but I figured making a dog bed (yet another one) for my grandmother’s dog would make her happy. I used this Scrappy Dog Bed tutorial, but in a brief moment of sanity (sparse when you are crafting presents on what is your personal equivalent to Dec 23) I decided to use a 1/4 yard of some home dec weight canvas I had in the stash (woo Stash Reduction!). I did briefly consider adding piping but the lucky for me I couldn’t find any that matched. Then crafting insanity hit and I decided to personalize the bed. Luckily the dog’s name is short. Zoe. I used the template from this plush alphabet magnet set tutorial (which I’ve yet to make) because I really like the style and size of the letters (also it is handier than opening a word processor and futzing with the fonts for 45 minutes).


I aimed for this to fit a standard pillow. I think the bed itself is a little too big, but my aunt pointed out that a queen size pillow would probably fit and it did (purchased once I arrived at grandmother’s house for easy packing)! To top it off Zoe the dog gets the favorite dog toy around these parts, a Nylabone. And here is a bad night-time shot taken at my grandmother’s house – I tried to get an “action shot” but it turned out to be a blurry dog tail on one half of the pillow.


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finally finished something

I’m not sure if this project has been in my sewing queue for a 6 months or 18 months.  I know one day before a camping trip I got a wild hair to make a dog bed with some old jeans kicking around the craft room (I have such a hard time getting rid of old jeans – all that useable fabric!).  I willy-nilly starting cutting with this vague plan of making something log-cabin-esque.  It wasn’t going to be a cushy bed, but something that we could throw down on the ground for Dog to sleep on while we hang out in our camp chairs, something to limit the amount of muck and pins needles he manages to bring into our tent each night.  And then my machine got cranky.  I think my mistake was putting heavy thread in the bobbin.  Sanity took over and I gave up the idea for the day (and got back to the packing I was supposed to be doing).  The stack of cut-apart jeans has bounced around the craft room, never really finding a home ever since.  I finally decided to try sewing it together with plain old thread (it worked on my first quilt made entirely of used-jeans and that is still going strong 10 years later).


Over the last couple weeks I’ve been working on the dog bed here and there.  When I started thinking about the size dog bed I wanted I realized that log-cabin style wasn’t going to work so I put all the strips together to make a striped rectangular piece.  That was a bit too narrow so then I decided to draw from a pillow (was it in a Denise Schmidt book or Last-Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts?) and slash and spread with contrasting fabric.  I grabbed a couple yards of my favorite cotton canvas from Ikea (in Dog’s household color) and a yard of “by-the-yard” zipper.  I make my dog beds like big pillow cases and I fill them with old blankets.  This bed is stuffed with an old sleeping bag from TheHusband’s pre-me life; it had been kicking around the garage, constantly in the way.  Now Dog has not one but two comfy beds (the other one is in our bedroom and is happily used now that it is stuffed with old blankets). And my garage is a wee bit tidier.


Oops, one strip isn’t quite long enough and wide enough, a quick addition of a scrap pieces fixes that.


The zipper on the bottom (I’m so glad I bought the by-the-yard zip, even if it doesn’t match).  It looks lapped, but I didn’t really follow lap-zipper instructions.

And I believe burrowing means it is doggie-approved. And yes, these photos were taken in the middle of the night, I was so happy to be finished I wanted to document now now now.

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Blantant Doggie Promotion

Saturday night was the first time since we bought this couch (in May 2006) that we've allowed the dog to be on the couch.  What made it worse is that after TheHusband invited the dog on the couch TheHusband sat on the floor.

On Friday my friend Zarah posted this very cute picture of her dog Lucy and it reminded me of the dog bed I made last fall as well as Dog's preferred cushy pillow.  (Random factoid, since Lucy is the first dachshund that I ever met all miniature dachshunds are now known in my house, or maybe just by me, as "lucy-dogs" or "long haired lucy-dogs").

Last fall I decided to sew a dog bed.  It also seemed like a good project to try out freezer paper stenciling.  I bought a couple yards of natural colored cotton canvas, a couple zippers, a roll of freezer paper, and a few bottles of cheap acrylic paint.  I cut out the two primary pieces and did the stenciling on the top before I sewed them together.  I made a special corner pleat (a link to that photo if you are interested).  I also sewed an inner zipped pillow case to stuff with cedar chips so it would be easy to wash the dog bed cover.  When it was finally finished my dog sniffed around it and laid on top because I asked him to.  Then he moved before I could even grab the camera.  I left that dog bed out, let it swallow up nearly eight square feet of floor space, for a few months waiting for the dog to use it.  I even carted it downstairs during the day since he tends to sleep on the same floor that I am inhabiting.

I suspect his nose is offended by the cedar chips (my mom suggested them, her dogs apparently have less sensitive noses) because he never got closer to that dog bed than this:

However, Dog will always use a pillow when it is available (he adores dirty laundry, but those pictures, while cute, tend to show off my unmentionables unshowables):

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