WIP granny squares

This poor crochet blanket keeps getting put on the back burner. Yesterday I wrongly thought that I’ve shared all of my WIPs.

I started this back in 2005, put it down for two years, made a few more squares in 2007 and finally finished the squares in 2011. Then I realized that my gauge changed (or maybe I picked up the wrong hook during my push to finish the last of the squares). I also missed one square and duplicated another.


At first these mistakes got me down, but then I realized, the intended baby just turned six and her sister is two, maybe two doll blankets would be just the thing and so I tossed out the original layout.

But I still have to block all these squares and I’d like to find some 1/2″ gingham to aid me in that process.

October 27, 2011. Tags: , , . Crochet. 2 comments.