FOF: Finished Object Friday


An example of taking way too long to make something is this ducky blanket I sewed and crocheted last year.  A few hours in front of the television and a car ride to the coast was “all” it took to get the crochet border on, leaving me to wonder why did it take me 5 months between stitching two pieces of fabric together to get to the finished object. Of course I also can’t believe I just implied crocheting ~160″ of edging with size 10 crochet thread and a tiny steel hook measured in millimeters was quick.


The timeline: I bought the fabric in 2006. I stitched the blanket together in April 2011. I quilted it together to guard against shifting in July and I crocheted the edging on it in September.


And true to form I did a bit of swatching before diving into finishing the blanket.


If you look closely you might notice that the edging changes a couple of times… better to test it out on this fabric scrap that the blanket.  I tried a triangular edge, and at least two different scallop sizes.

Oh yeah, and I made a test crochet thread project along the way (bonus finished object), earrings from Linda Permann’s book, Crochet Adorned.  I wanted to make sure I was comfortable with the crochet thread and steel hook before I attacked my blanket.


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