Belated Easter

I generally don't get worked up about holidays until they are right upon us, then I feel goofy for decorating so close to the undecorating time.  The easter bunny didn't even manage to make it to our house before breakfast this year.  But I really enjoy making up easter baskets, though I refrained from picking up the Hello Kitty Head fillable easter "eggs" I saw at Target this year.  It was very tempting.  I did finally, at the last minute pick up a few of the cute tiny metal buckets in the dollar spot (I had to dig around the bow buckets to find the few remaining flower punch-out buckets I had eyed a week or so before that).


See that fabric box in the left photo, I was frantically trying to finish that (so don't look closely or you might notice the huge flaws) then I went down to discover the cute easter buckets stashed away with the candy.  They make perfect holders (with a bit of wax paper in between) for the Mike & Ike tangy twisted jelly beans, Cadbury crack, I mean Cadbury mini candy coated eggs, and Sweet Tart jelly beans.  And I couldn't resist these itty bitty foil covered Lindt bunnies (milk chocolate, would be better if they weren't hallow, but the best chocolate bunnies ever), plus there are a few caramel eggs (a nod to my obsession with the icky cream egg) or try out the butterfinger eggs and Lindt truffle eggs.

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