FF: A dollar short, a week late

I finished the bedside pockets project last week but ended up with really crummy photos (our bedroom has horrible lighting on the best of days and is pretty much avoided unless we are going to bed or changing).

And more binding and binding, ugh.  Did I tell you I had to go buy binding for this twice?  In the end I was able to return two packages but still…


Originally I bought I a package of 1/2″ single fold bias tape (4 yards) because I wanted skinny binding.  Then I realized that my guesstimate was wildly off and had to go buy another package.  Then once the pockets were together I realized how thick the multiple layers of fabric because and was worried my skinny binding just wasn’t going to cover it so I went and bought 2 packages of 1/2″ double fold bias tape (which is turns out comes in shorter lengths and might not have been enough).  But in the end I decided to try and make the 1/2″ single fold tape work – and it did, with barely any leftover (18″ at most). I also managed to use the machine the entire time (I was not looking forward to that much hand stitching).  Yay for being able to return things.

Ta da.


There are only two issues: 1) do not look closely at my edges, my binding did not cover my basting stitches (which I didn’t pull out because there are areas where my binding is so close to the edges I worry about stitch integrity) and 2) we aren’t really using the pockets. I mean I did store my reading book in it for the week, but that just meant I ignored the reading book all week. I’m not sure if I should blame the book or the pocket on that.

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