stuck at swatching

The February Lady Sweater is still waiting to be blocked, at least I have some Euculan now.  Since then I’ve worked on my marigold sock (almost done with sock #1) and swatching for a few projects.


Too much swatching.  As much as I hate it I tend to get a little obsessive about it every since last summer’s sleeve fiasco on the Peapod Baby Sweater (in short, I had to knit two new sleeves since the first two didn’t fit the sleeve hole).  I started by swatching with Berroco Comfort worsted weight first on a US 7 and then on a US 6 (see the dividing garter ridge?).  It will eventually become a hat for a friend of mine (I think the hat IOU is about 10 months old at this point).

Then I dug into making a nice big swatch of Classic Elite Flame to help me decide between making Emerald Seas and Sassymetrical.  That is actually the 2nd swatch of Flame, first I enthusiastically cast-on for a 12″+ wide swatch, two inches and four days later I lamented that I could have been done by now, ripped it, wound it and re-cast-on.  This time the swatch turned out to be about 8″ wide (it used up half of my skein – which will probably be useful info at some point).  Two weeks later I finally blocked the swatch and measured again.  My gauge isn’t exact, but after some number crunching I decided it was close enough.  Hopefully this weekend I will get around to casting on for Sassymetrical.

And the two black swatches Lion Brand Cotton-ease, they are from last summer, probably no longer entirely accurate, but provided a good jumping off point (one on a US 10, the other on a US 8).  The yellow is also Cotton-ease, it was a swatch done in US 6, but that turned out to be too many stitches per inch for the intended project.  I was going to re-swatch (just a little obsessive) on a US 7 but then decided I had a round about idea of what my gauge would be and just jumped into the project.


That would be the beginnings of Elenka.  I thought it was cute, but didn’t have intentions of knitting it right away.  Then I found LB Cotton-ease for a great price, so I bought just enough of the hot pink for my pink and purple loving S.  And since S just became a big sister I decided it was time I knit for her again.  Surprisingly I managed to get through the first skein in one week -that is good progress for me, but sadly that pile of yarn just above it is what I’ve been tinking all week.  Of course I just measured it and I think I’m farther off on gauge than what I thought I’d be.  Drats – the bottom of the skirt is measuring at 40″ instead of 44″… maybe I’ll have to knit that US 7 swatch after all.

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