knit phobia conquered?

I hemmed a store-bought t-shirt a couple nights ago. It was about 6 inches too long, now it is about 3/4 of an inch too short (but hey it covers my belly when my arms are not over my head). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few dresses from ’80s movies that were shorter than this t-shirt was on me pre-hemming.


I used 1/2″ steam-a-seam light, a twin ball-point needle, and wooly nylon in the bobbin all tips from this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. I need to pick up another ball-point twin needle, because the one I bought is a little too wide (4.0); it worked, but the two stitch lines are farther apart than on the original hem. Whenever I hem I like to try to match the original as much as possible (thread color, thread weight, stitch length…).  I generally practice on the scrap of clothing I’ve cut away.

You would think this would be my first foray into knit clothing, but no. For some reason sewing an entire shirt seemed more do-able, since that is where I started (no, wait – I made some xmas present that utilized knit fabric but didn’t require stretchy stitching – more on that later).  I suspect the idea of ruining a piece of fabric I kind of liked was better than an actual t-shirt in a color I love.  It is surprisingly hard to find t-shirts in my preferred colors (but I’m looking forward to stocking up on some Honeysuckle stuff, *fingers crossed*).  Now I just need to squash that urge to stock up on oodles of knit fabrics with my new found confidence, I still have a bit of woven stash to use up (and I haven’t successfully created a knit item that needs to really stretch over something and recover).

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