Finally Finished, the Hello Kitty Quilt


I spent last Saturday after quilting with friends from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. I’m so thankful this was organized, it was just the right push for me to finish this quilt. Remember the quilt (no, this quilt isn’t particularly modern at all – but that’s okay). I was so sure I was going to finish before the baby was born, in April 2009. Hah. It is a good thing I made something bigger than a standard baby quilt. Around 48″ x 48″ it isn’t quite full-sized lap-quilt but I’m sure it will still be cozy or a great blanket to spread out for playtime. Or a very pink fort.


The problem, I learned, with letting a quilt languish once you’ve made that quilt sandwich: creases. Mine creased so badly I had to redo the quilt sandwich (twice, after I foolishly tried to redo half of it at time — nope, I had to totally pull that sucker apart and put it back together). The good news, I guess, is that my spray basting lasted way longer than the two months promised by the bottle.


I actually quilting the main section a few weeks ago (at a PMQG open sew evening), but then I was stumped by the border. I had a bunch of ideas for dense quilting, but didn’t think that it would look right with the sparse, squiggly lines over the patchwork. Finally I settled on simple lines and got to it. I managed to hide all my threads, finish the quilting, cut the excess fabric and batting away and make my binding during the all-day-sew event. When I got home I went right to sewing on the binding and then over the course of a few tv shows and one movie I hand-stitched the binding to the back.


Done. I think. I haven’t sent it off yet because I want to wash it first, oh yes, and label it. And I’m a little worried the quilting is too sparse. What do you think?

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Quilt Top

I feel like I have really completed my first quilt top, even though I’ve made a couple quilts entirely from squares sewn together.  I think I must have ripped out at least half the seams once and a few of them twice, let’s not count all the phone calls to mom over various concerns (in reality I do think there were more ripped seams than phone calls).  I am proud to say that I’ve turned this:
Hello Kitty Quilt Fabrics

Into this:
Quilt Top

It didn’t go quite as planned since when I started sewing the white & purple fabric as a border I didn’t like what I saw. A few phone calls to mom and much frustration over not being able to both see and point to things and I finally settled on using just the black & white polka dot borders I already had cut (if they hadn’t been cut they might have been scrapped too).  Hopefully tomorrow I will find the right color of purple ribbon to sew between the pieced area and the polka dots.  I will also be using the pink fabric for the binding.

Then there was the big panic over how to square up the quilt blocks. I looked online, I looked in quilting books and found no really good explanations on how to square up a block using a square ruler; I couldn’t comprehend my mom’s verbal instructions and so, on her urging, I gathered my stuff up and went to a local fabric store focused on quilting cottons, where the very nice proprietor (I think) basically told me I was being too anal. But really my issue was that a few of the blocks were about 1/16″ to 1/8″ smaller than they should have been. And due to the thin border around the purple and pink block it wasn’t prudent IMO to downsize all the blocks. A good amount of seam ripping occurred while putting the blocks into strips and strips into a quilt top. 

After buying 4 yards for the backing and contemplating buying a new purple fabric to replace the white and purple polka dot fabric I felt like I was using a lot of fabric for a little baby quilt, well a not so little baby quilt since the quilt will be approximately 48″ x 48″.  This is what remains (the only troubling bit is the yard of white and purple polka dots):

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