stuck at swatching

The February Lady Sweater is still waiting to be blocked, at least I have some Euculan now.  Since then I’ve worked on my marigold sock (almost done with sock #1) and swatching for a few projects.


Too much swatching.  As much as I hate it I tend to get a little obsessive about it every since last summer’s sleeve fiasco on the Peapod Baby Sweater (in short, I had to knit two new sleeves since the first two didn’t fit the sleeve hole).  I started by swatching with Berroco Comfort worsted weight first on a US 7 and then on a US 6 (see the dividing garter ridge?).  It will eventually become a hat for a friend of mine (I think the hat IOU is about 10 months old at this point).

Then I dug into making a nice big swatch of Classic Elite Flame to help me decide between making Emerald Seas and Sassymetrical.  That is actually the 2nd swatch of Flame, first I enthusiastically cast-on for a 12″+ wide swatch, two inches and four days later I lamented that I could have been done by now, ripped it, wound it and re-cast-on.  This time the swatch turned out to be about 8″ wide (it used up half of my skein – which will probably be useful info at some point).  Two weeks later I finally blocked the swatch and measured again.  My gauge isn’t exact, but after some number crunching I decided it was close enough.  Hopefully this weekend I will get around to casting on for Sassymetrical.

And the two black swatches Lion Brand Cotton-ease, they are from last summer, probably no longer entirely accurate, but provided a good jumping off point (one on a US 10, the other on a US 8).  The yellow is also Cotton-ease, it was a swatch done in US 6, but that turned out to be too many stitches per inch for the intended project.  I was going to re-swatch (just a little obsessive) on a US 7 but then decided I had a round about idea of what my gauge would be and just jumped into the project.


That would be the beginnings of Elenka.  I thought it was cute, but didn’t have intentions of knitting it right away.  Then I found LB Cotton-ease for a great price, so I bought just enough of the hot pink for my pink and purple loving S.  And since S just became a big sister I decided it was time I knit for her again.  Surprisingly I managed to get through the first skein in one week -that is good progress for me, but sadly that pile of yarn just above it is what I’ve been tinking all week.  Of course I just measured it and I think I’m farther off on gauge than what I thought I’d be.  Drats – the bottom of the skirt is measuring at 40″ instead of 44″… maybe I’ll have to knit that US 7 swatch after all.

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Sheldon is done

I just realized that this is my first finished object of the year.  Wow.  I'm totally slacking.  Well, my first knit finished object, I've sewn a few things.

So check out TurtleButt!

He has a body and clothes and legs and everything.  I sewed the last two legs on at my knit night last night.  Leave it to wanting oohs and ahhs over a cute knitted toy to get my project finished.  Tonight I plan on dragging TheHusband to the bookstore to buy some board books for my nephew then we can pack up and send the birthday present.

I knit Sheldon with the recommended yarn, Knitpicks Shine Sport, but with slight color tweaks using green apple (his body) and butter (his shell) instead of grass and green apple.  Additionally you can see that I decided to make his bottom shell the same color as his top shell and use the turtle body color for the contrast color.  I knit this on US 3 needles because I didn't own any size 4 dpns at the time.  Despite the 5 or 6 page printed pattern it wasn't difficult, you just need to be comfortable with dpns, increases and decreases (or be ready to learn increases and decreases), and it didn't take too much knitting time.  I started knitting around February 2 and had all the pieces done by February 17 my problem is that is didn't work on it consistently but took multi-day long breaks.

What I will do differently next time:

  • stuff his body in intervals as it was no fun to stuff his boy through the tiny neck opening
  • stuff his shell even less
  • leave longer tails after the cast-off of the legs to use for sewing
  • leave a slightly bigger neck opening
  • follow the pattern's advice regarding the i-cord
  • I'd also like to learn a better way to seam the beginning of the i-cord to the end of the i-cord

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