Too much heat, followed by marathon “hello I can cook again” temperatures, followed by a camping trip followed by Sock Summit (the last two in the same weekend) have left me overwhelmed.  I feel like I should blog, I’m certainly behind.  I have so much to say I can’t manage to organize any of it.  I have to finish a certain little girl’s birthday dress, except it isn’t done and there is no way it will get there in time, so I guess it will be a late present. I have piles of crafting stuff all over the office-craft room and it so isn’t ready for a show and tell that I’d like to do (plus the handful of projects that I think would make the space feel “done”).  But all I really want to do is sit and knit.  Which is at least useful on the birthday dress front, except then I get up to do laundry or dishes or water the plants I keep nearly killing or read a few more things in my RSS feeds.

Hippie Knitting Bag?So I will jump in with this.  I went to Sock Summit.  I am a lucky lucky girl.  I even managed to take a class on my class-wish-list and make it to the luminary panel (oh wow).  But I didn’t buy any yarn, which I’m now sort of regretting, but there will be more yarn, there will be more opportunities and I have plenty to keep me busy at home as-is.  I bought a couple cardboard tube sock-in-progress dpn protectors (sadly they are very pretty and I didn’t see any pretty versions in the marketplace) and cute/witty pins for my knitting bag.  TheHusband has declared that my bag is like a hippie car covered in bumper stickers (I always sort of had a soft spot for cars with oodles of bumper stickers even though I don’t want any stickers on my car at all).

And I won an afghan even though I never win anything.  See, Larissa Brown of Knitalong organized (did someone else, I’m fuzzy on that?) a barn-raising quilt square along (7.5″ squares made center out from sock yarn) and managed to put together 11 blankets to benefit Doctors Without Borders.  I actually stopped by and helped sew up a few squares (including one whole strip on the blanket I won, which I didn’t realize until I got home and was taking notes on all the knitters who worked on this blanket).  After I helped sew up the squares, I was beginning to itch to make my own but now I don’t have to (even though I still sort of want to, it has now been pushed to the bottom of the “maybe someday” list).  However I am contemplating knitting a border around the afghan, but I haven’t really decided yet – it is a back burner project for now.  It is beautiful. I have a less pretty, but straight-on picture in which I will note where each square came from save a couple squares that either never had tags or the tags had fallen off.

Sock Yarn Afghan

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More knitting

Sorry for you folks who'd like to hear about the rest of my life.  I'm not doing much really.  Okay, so I am traveling to Atlanta to go to a friend's wedding this weekend.  I'm very excited, I get to see my best friend and her family for the first time in almost a year (and hopefully other friends).  Plus I still regret missing another college friend's wedding due to work craziness almost two years ago (they hit a crunch period and were not approving vacation time, a work-buddy nearly quit over that).  Other than, I'm not doing a whole lot I swear.

Anyway, my knitting progress.

I made TheHusband a camping hat to keep his head warm at night (since nights do get a bit chilly).  This is thinner and lighter than his alpaca hat I made him in December.  It is my basic hat non-pattern, I didn't do a gauge swatch and just did a test fit after about 3 inches.  Which meant of course that I had to rip out those three inches and cast-on 8 stitches fewer than the first time.  Here are the stats:

Yarn: RYC cashcotton DK in sage and RYC cashcotton 4 ply in seafoam held double
Needles: US5 (16" bryspun circs, then bamboo dpns)
Cast-on: cable (I know it isn't very stretchy but I like the look), 112 stitches
4 rows or so of garter stitch then stockinette, no clue how many rows…

I am also almost done with the toddler sweater that I started at the end of March.  March people, sigh, it is a good thing I picked the larger size otherwise the recipient might have outgrown it before I finished (fingers crossed).  I think it is what I deemed my June UFO challenge, cause I was just getting tired of knitting it, and now it appears to be part one of my July UFO challenge.  I have about 8 more rows to go on the sleeves, the bottom edging, the sleeve edging, blocking, some seaming, the shawl collar, and more seaming and blocking plus a button to find and attach.

I am knitting the sleeves at the same time, which is both a blessing and a curse.  I've had to stop a couple times to count my rows because I forgot which direction I was knitting and had one sleeve on each end of the needles.  But no wonder if feels like it is taking forever:

The sleeves (which I am knitting at the same time, sigh) are way bigger than the front.  Oh the front pieces went so quickly once I got over the shaping hurdle.  What are those pink threads?  Various markers of mine to keep my brain straight.  I have a pink bit between the sleeves so I don't knit them together, I have pink stitch markers so I know when I finally get to stop doing my decreases, I have a pink line from when I got mixed up in which direction needed to be knit and the number of stitches did not help (no more knitting this while visiting with friends).  And I really need to finish these sleeves* so i can use the needles for my next project, a pink tank top, and hopefully finish while it is still warm enough to wear it.

*the edging and collar is worked on a smaller needle

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Cookies and plans gone awry

I really need to get in the spirit of my UFO Challenge.  I currently have two projects on the needles, a baby blanket and a pair of toddler mittens.  All I want to do is buy new yarn and start new projects (a French Press coffee cozy, 3 different sweaters, a cute hate or two, a pair of knitted baby pants, a beginners lace shawl, etc etc).  Must.  Work.  On. UFOs.

Today I hoped to work on both of them while watching Grey's Anatomy (disc 1 of season 2 from Netflix).  Instead I spent the day doing errands that always take me too long.  I almost bought a few skeins of yarn (violating my promise to myself that I wouldn't do so until finishing a yarn project).  I almost bought fabric (violating my promise to myself that I wouldn't do so until finishing a sewing project, namely curtains).  I spent an hour in the craft store not buying yarn and fabric.  Then I hit another store in search of the re-released Lion Brand cotton-ease (I haven't seen it in a store yet).  Then Lowe's where I picked up a laser level (oh I've wanted one for a while), a tape measure (this will be my third construction type tape, I can't find the other two though I suspect they are in my parent's garage 2K miles away), some pictures hangers and a digital lamp timer for a sleeping/waking experiment.  Then to JoAnn's where I picked up thread and needles needed to complete sewing projects (well I supposed I didn't need the glasshead straight pins but they are much easier to find if they drop on carpet) and to Michael's to buy picture frames on sale.  This all took 4 hours.  4 hours, what is wrong with me?  And I forgot to fax some paperwork, I meant to do that first.

I did manage to make my soup and salad for dinner (zucchini bisque, kickass salad with lots of goodies including blue cheese crumbles and finish the par-baked bread from TJs).  And I did manage to make chocolate chip cookies.

I've baked 3 dozen cookies tonight and plan on freezing the rest of the dough.  I will scoop them into individual cookies, freeze, then transfer to a ziplock.  I think I read about doing that in some Martha Stewart publication.  I never seem to get chocolate chip cookies to turn out the same way twice.  My aunt, she makes amazing chocolate chip cookies with zero effort, I on the other hand can't get them quite how I want.  I think I might need to play with the flour I use (but first I need to read up on that, Rose Levy Beranbaum here I come) or maybe my oils (this batch used all butter).  I also added a teaspoon and half of instant espresso powder.  I think that is what they do at Bailey's Chocolate Bar, and I could have swore that the recipe was published in Sauce at some point but I simply couldn't find it when I searched Sauce online.  Oh how I miss the yummy drinks at the Chocolate Bar.

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I am a laundry machine, almost

Today I went on a major cleaning binge.  I didn't have high aspirations when I woke up this morning and it was a sluggish start.  I was cold, and have reptilian tendencies in that I move slowly when cold and just want to sleep.  So I made myself a pot of tea, Tazo Joy, a special holiday blend, for the curious.  Side note: I was a little dubious of the Joy blend of black, oolong and green teas but it is quite yummy.  Well two cups of tea later and the caffeine was just zooming through my system.

A few things I accomplished today:

  • 3 clothes loads of laundry
  • 3 towel loads of laundry
  • 1 sheet load of laundry
  • 1 blanket load of laundry
  • scrubbed toilets and sinks
  • vacuumed upstairs & downstairs
  • dusted downstairs
  • filed a big stack of paperwork I've been meaning to file since October
  • put a big stack of paperwork in the recycle bin
  • rearranged a piece of furniture (hopefully for the better)
  • packed up decorative bits (vases, tea cups, etc) that didn't have a proper "home" in my house
  • found a place to display framed photos I've had boxed up
  • gathered all my candles, put a few out to use and gave the rest a home
  • collated the boxes of christmas stuff in the garage and the "to sort" boxes
  • put a few items in my "donate" box
  • put a few christmas card addresses in my address book (and was then able to shred the envelopes)
  • packed up the last remains of christmas decorations (including all unfinished craftiness)
  • set aside stuff I need to mail (fingers crossed I get it to the PO tomorrow)

I still need to do dishes, and fold the laundry (it is piled on the couch waiting for me).  Hopefully tomorrow I can keep up the pace and wipe down countertops, mirrors, take out the trash and recycling and get through the remaining piles of paperwork (but oh they are so much smaller).

Oh yes, and I followed a tip from this month's Martha Stewart Living Good Things column and put three drops of essential oil on a cottonball then put the cottonball in the canister of the vacuum.  I had a lovely lavender scent while vacuuming and I noticed it when I got back from my walk.
Now if I could just get those last 5 rows of knitting done and work on S's mitten.

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  1. I spent weeks (okay mostly weeks not sewing) making Dog a dog bed.  He gave me one obligatory "down" on the bed and hasn't touched it since.  Yesterday I drug it downstairs where I spent the bulk of the day (he tends to be in whatever room I am in) and he slept next to it.  Today I noticed him sleeping (at my feet, how sweet) with his head on a couch pillow that fell on the floor.  Is the dog bed a lost cause? 

  2. Does working on the baby blanket that I started in December and needs to be finished by February count towards my UFO challenge?
  3. About a month ago I painstakingly (ever hand-wash a 90" by almost 60" fragile piece of non-woven fabric?) hand-washed blanket batting for a blanket I plan on sewing/quilting.  I had two pieces of batting but only washed one.  Now I can't figure out which is which.  Should I hand-wash both of them?

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