SCPR: Medallion Table Runner

Secret Christmas Project Revealed: Medallion Table Runner from Crochet Adorned by Linda Permann
autumn table runner
I’ve been wanting to make my mom something for a few years now, I got my crafty spirit from her, and when I saw this table runner I thought it would be perfect; when I was a kid she used to collect doilies and a nice change from her growing collection of quilted table runners (she quilts).  The only problem was that none of the colors I could find of Lion Brand Cotton seemed like they would work in her house.  The kitchen/dining room is full of warm woods and colors (cedar cabinets IIRC, oak flooring an adjacent/attached sun porch full of cedar siding and rustic tile).  Finally, while we were out on our annual apple expidition, we stopped by a small local alpaca farm/yarn store.  This store had an assortment of Tahki Cotton Classic yarns and I found perfect “mom” colors.  The small problem is that Tahki Cotton Classic is a dk weight yarn while Lion Brand Cotton Classic is a worsted weight yarn.  Oh well, throwing caution to the wind (and feeling compelled to buy something since we were the only customers in the shop and the proprietor had left their adjust home to join us in the shop) I decided to get yarn for a planned project and hope it worked.

MTR in progressI got off to a rocky start, ripping stitches more often than I knit them, but once I bought a pack of those green and orange locking stitch markers from Clover and marked the end of each row it went much smoother.  I think I tried using my coil-less safety pins but didn’t like how I tended to snag the yarn a bit.  While I was having a few issues with the first few medallions I grabbed a skein of LB cotton and made one of each motif.  I still had the same issue of the large medallion center wanting to form the shape of a hat, a more experienced crocheter suggested that I just snug-up the magic ring center more and that seemed to work; but I also realized that each medallion tended to relax a bit a day after being made.

While I started this project nice and early, it stalled in November when I started several other things.  Finally in December I sat down and made a concrete effort to get at least one medallion done a day.  Since each medallion was a bit smaller than intended I thought I’d need more medallions, so I made as many extra as I could manage in the few days before Christmas.  I got 11 small medallions from 1 skein of the Cotton Classic, but only 5 of the 6 needed medium medallions, and 4 of the 5 needed large medallions so I used a second skein for each of those colors.   I was so worried about having enough medallions for a decent sized table-runner (I stopped crocheting sometime on Christmas Eve) that I ended up wrapping up the medallions and giving it to my mom “assembly required”, then I spent the 26th and 27th at her house laying out and stitching the table runner together.
layout time
It was nice that I was able to layout the runner on the same table it was to adorn, she gave me input on the length (requesting it not be so long that plates sat on it at either end of the table).   As you might be able to see in the above photo, I used a piece of wax paper to help me keep things even (making the wax paper the intended length and marking the center line).  I actually only used one extra medallion, a small one.  But if you compared the pre-sewn layout to the finished object, I did have to stretch a few of the medallions to get everything to fit nicely together.  Perhaps an entirely different layout would have worked better, with less space between each medallion, as the book illustrates, would have worked better – I don’t know.  I was a little worried about the yarns bleeding, and warned my mom since I skipped blocking.  Just a couple days after I left she hand washed it in cold water and told me there was no problems with bleeding (1. darn cats and 2. yay).

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