Keep Calm and Knit On

Well, I am managing the knitting part, but frustration sometimes replaces calm.  After the christmas crafting, all I could think about were my planned projects that I hadn’t even gotten around to starting.  And so I cast on for TheHusband’s hat, the one where I bought yarn back in September…


All it needed was to thread the tail through the final few loops. The fit was fabulous but those colors weren’t quite what I was hoping for and TheHusband admitted the same. What can I say, I’m naive in the ways of Noro. I started digging through Ravelry, checking out all the other projects done in potential self-striping colorways, I dug through my stash to see if I could find enough coordinating colors to make my own stripes up, and then the most recent Classic Elite Newsletter dropped in my email box with Dave’s Montero Set (Rav link). Hmmm…, TheHusband approved and so a week after my little almost finished shimmy, I ripped and re-wound the yarn down to the ribbing. Once I rewound the Noro, the colors enchanted me once again (damn you Noro). But this time I had a better sense of the color variation and started knitting again from what was formerly the center of the ball – a lovely vivid green.

Thus far it is looking good, time will tell as I add in that funky brown color coming up next. But still all is not calm in my knittingverse. To keep good on my selfish-knitting promise I cast on for a hat I’ve been plotting for myself (since…September).


I am making Nancy Ricci’s Sally Hat (pattern link is a Rav link) out of Malabrigo Worsted. Of course, this yarn does not get gauge when I knit it at the drapiness level appropriate for a hat originally designed for dk weight alpaca-merino blend. Math to the rescue! Knitting math is generally pretty easy and straightforward (really – it is) and worked out perfectly when I knit a version for my sister. This time around I have been thwarted at the decreases – which I totally forgot to figure out when I sat down and crunched the numbers before casting on. Also – my nemesis – counting. I either forgot or miscounted during my increase row. And now I’ve started decreasing twice, only to tink a couple rows, knit and tink again. This morning I was thinking about it and I might have a solution. If I’m right I will be wearing this hat by Sunday night. If I’m wrong – yet more knitting with no progress.

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