pretend it’s Friday okay

And continuing the bias binding theme… my finished objects with that brown bias binding I made last week.

First up: My first mug rug for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild Swap. It measures about 6″ x 9″ because I folded up a piece of paper next to my laptop and set my mug on it to determine the size. I was constrained by my small round table, I’d probably make it 1″ bigger in each dimension if I had a rectangular table. The back is just solid fabric. And I failed to pay attention to my binding seams and accidentally put one in a corner – don’t do that – it makes mitered corners extra hard.


And the second bias bound project: my spiffy new door draft dodger. This started as a scraps project, but then I made a cutting error and had to figure out a new plan of action. That is where the bias binding entered the picture (and I bought a FQ, luckily on sale, to make said binding since nothing I had seemed appropriate and bountiful enough). It is unconventional since I decided to make a roll instead of a filled tube. My goal was something that could easily be thrown in the wash once it is covered in dog fur. See how nicely it fits – yeah – that is a cutting error. I forgot the seam allowances. Doh.


And a detailed shot with the lovely bias binding. Is there a philosophical debate on calling something finished if it contains safety pins? *la la la, I can’t hear you*


And a “how it works” shot. Canvas + fleece gets rolled up into a draft dodger (the fleece is actually doubled to make rolling a bit easier). The canvas is there to keep the fleece from being covered with dog fur. The fleece is there because I needed something to fill the canvas and I really wanted to get it out of my scrappy stash pile without throwing it in the trash.


Actually it all worked out very nicely. I only had about 12″ leftover of binding. Which of course I can’t throw away, so I’ve started a little baggie for all my scraps of binding.  And think it does its job, but really the whole door needs a draft dodger and since it is a primary source of light for my dining space that isn’t going to happen.

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