Shiny and new

I feel like I should have a nice recap of 2007 and all of my crafty accomplishments or perhaps muse about my 2008 resolutions.  I might eventually get around to rounding up all my crafts of 2007, honestly I still need to get them in flickr, and I suspect I forgot to take pictures of others.  As far as resolutions go, I'm not much of a resolutions person; I break them too often.  This year, a couple days ago I finally came up with a resolution I might be able to keep: eat more salads.  Growing up we almost always had a big green salad with our dinner (even if it was just leaf lettuce, carrot and onion) and somehow I've gotten out of that habit, here's to hope that I can re-establish it.

I bought these earrings on a vacation in 2005 and I wore them all the time, until the day I noticed that they were no longer shiny at which point they sat in my pile of "fix-it" jewelry.  Finally this summer while I was purchasing jewelry at an esty fair (yes, I am so lucky) I asked a jewelry vendor/maker the best way to clean sterling silver if it has pearls attached to it and she suggested silver polish cloth.  I finally remembered to ask for it at the fabric store and purchased a quarter-yard, it looks a lot like flannel and polished these earrings up very quickly.  It was such a difference I decided to try and get a photo, which on my screen looks half-way decent (lighting was not good that day) before I shined up the second earring.

Hopefully soon I will get my act in gear and start chronicling some of my recent knitting and sewing projects.

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