QotD: For Everything, There Is A Season

What are your top five favorite cooking seasonings? 
Submitted by skip.town.

Five?  Only five?  I just recently did a spice inventory and I have 68 different spices (including salts, blends and extracts).  I would have had 71, but I threw 3 things out when I did the inventory.

1) garlic
2) pepper
3) fresh ginger (though I didn't count that in my spice inventory)

hmm I stall out after that.  Cumin, cinnamon, basil, and salt come to mind.  So does fresh flat-leaf parsley and fresh cilantro.  Told you, I can't pick just five.

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QotD: Total Trust

Who would you trust with your life?

My husband.  My mom.  My best friend.  These are just a few people that come to mind.  I'm very lucky to have many trust worthy loved ones.

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QotD: My Email Address(es)

How many email addresses do you have?  What are they for? 
Submitted by clippedwings.

This.  It's too embarrassing to answer.

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QotD: Grown-Up Boot Camp

What are three things you want to learn, and three things you can teach others to do? 
Submitted by bookishbiker.

I don't answer the QotD very often, but this one caught my eye and then, 'wow!  I know the question asker!' so now I have to answer it.

I want to learn

  1. more about photography (I've been saying this since I was 11 and yet all too often fall back on that glorious point'n'shoot)/ become a decent photographer instead of someone who takes pictures
  2. to salsa, I think I did this once with a friendquaintance and it was a lot of fun, even if I sucked
  3. (this one is hard, do I put something tangible and specific or do I put something broad and grand sounding…), tangible: kitchener stitch; I'm planning on attempting this [again] today

I can teach

  1. beginning sewing
  2. beginning knitting (cast-ons, cast-offs, knitting and purling plus a couple increases, decreases and basic basic cables, and a couple other things–I'm dipping my toes into Intermediate knitter waters)
  3. I think I can teach someone to cook, probably can, I just mostly know people who already know or are not interested so I can't really test this theory

And yes, I am so frickin domestic it bugs the hell out of me sometimes.  But then I get over it and just do what I enjoy and not fret about it.

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QotD: Dude Where’s My Keys?

What's the story behind a time when you got locked out?

I used to loose my keys a lot.  There was the time I couldn't find my dorm key right before I left for a weekend away, I tore my room apart looking for the key and nearly gave my roommate a heart attack (she is braver than I, I don't think I could have slept in a room when I thought a key for it was floating around somewhere).  But I wasn't actually locked out thank goodness, I also found my key on my bed as I was putting everything away when I got back on Sunday evening.

But actually being locked out?  A few years ago we decided to buy my parents a new TV for xmas.  We found a good Friday-after-Thanksgiving sale and went and stood in line at Best Buy Friday morning (not to get inside, just the line that wrapped around the store to check-out).  Then we drove it out to my parents house, they were gone for the weekend but I knew where they hid a key.  Except the key wasn't there.  I couldn't call to ask where it went because that would ruin the surprise.  We finally figured out how to break into my parents house without actually breaking a window and managed to get the new TV in the house.  But I don't think we were able to remove the old TV (one of those huge TV in nice wooden box on a rotating base things-it was on its last legs and the picture wasn't so hot, go figure we'd only had it for almost 20 years and had gotten it used) so we had to leave that and let them deal with it.

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QotD: Here, Take My Order

What is your favorite kind of bagel and what do you put on it? 
Submitted by Nacwolin.

I love a good Everything bagel, sliced, toasted with plain cream cheese spread on it.  Ideally the everything includes at least sesame seed, poppy seeds, onions, and salt.  But the texture of the bagel is really most important…it must be sort of chewy with the right bite.  It cannot taste or feel like a slice of toasted bread.

And while I don't consider it a true bagel Panera/St Louis Bread Company makes a very yummy cinnamon crunch "bagel" that is good on its own but even better with hazelnut cream cheese.

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QotD: In-Flight Entertainment

How do you pass the time during a flight?  What do you bring in your carry-on?

Being a child of divorce I spent every summer flying to see my dad.  When I was little my family tried to coordinate it so I didn't have to fly alone for one or both flights but that didn't always happen.  It was a long flight (5 1/2 hours) and so I always had quite the carry-on (a cute red Hello Kitty suitcase when I was 5).  Anyway, point is, I have a habit of overpacking my carry-on incase I get bored (multiple craft projects, reading material, food), even when it is a short flight.  I've worked on paring down and have come to this point: I will bring a book, a small craft project (lately knitting or crochet) and a sometimes magazine.  Along with some sort of snack.  Now I also bring my ipod and laptop (though the laptop is more about not wanting to check-it than entertainment).

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QotD: Top 5 Video Games

What's on your Top 5 video games list?
Submitted by mileena.

I'm not a big video game player, so we'll see if I can answer this…

  1. Tetris
  2. SSX Tricky (is it called that? that is what we call it 'cause of the Tricky song)
  3. Dr. Mario (or should I say, "see Tetris")
  4. Some Mario game with Yoshi, Yoshi is cute
  5. Pikmen (um, I should probably actually finish playing this game, I stopped about half-way through because I was getting frustrated)

I'm not sure if I could even name more video games that I like to play.  I'm not a big video game player.

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QotD: A Tip About Tipping

What's your method for calculating a tip?

I like to tip 20% unless I'm horribly disastified by the service (or am paying cash and am a bit short).  I use the decimal moving trick to figure out 10% and double that.

Example: the bill is 25.00.  You move the decimal over one place to the left to get 2.500 and double that for 5.

If, for some reason I want to tip 15% I do the same thing but also figure out the 5% value and add them.

Example: the bill is 25.00.  10% is 2.50, 5% is 1.25 so the tip is 3.75.

And then sometimes I round up or down to make a whole dollar amount.

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QotD: Pizza Preference

How do you eat your pizza:  folded, flat or with a fork and knife?
Submitted by danimass.

Flat?  It really depends of the type of pizza.  If I am eating your standard pizza I tend to use my fingers and pick it up.  But if it is chicago style pizza, another style of deep-dish pizza or loaded with toppings I will use a fork (and knife if absolutely necessary).

Now I want pizza.

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