QotD: Musical Horoscope

I can't figure out (and don't feel like messing with it) how people are getting the quote thing going with the qotd.  I suspect it has something to do with following a tag or the front page of Vox.

My itunes shuffle says:

Cornflake Girl –Tori Amos*
New Slang — The Shins
I love you — Sarah McLachlan
I wish I was a girl — Counting Crows
In the morning — New World Spirits
Ain't no thang but a chickin' — Dixie Chicks*
Black river — Amos Lee
Sharks can't sleep — Tracy Bonham
Part-time lover — Stevie Wonder^
I just don't think I'll ever get over you — Colin Hay

*Indicates the music was originally purchased for me, ^Indicates music I purchased, although it was for The Husband just to show how music shy/dumb/etc I am.  Luckily I like most of TH's stuff so it all worked out.  We don't own a lot of music compared to some people I know but I lucked out, I brought like 10 CDs to the union, he brought around 150… I wonder how many more have been bought via itunes music store?  And he will buy something for me like 9 months before I will buy it for myself. 

I wonder if I will feel like hitting fastfoward for any of these songs?

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