Project stall

I thought Rosie the bear was going to be a quick knit. By yardage it is, but I’ve stumbled and stalled a few times on this project. Missing my deadline didn’t help (though if my SIL doesn’t say anything I doubt my niece will notice I got her first birthday present to her rather late).


I ended up ripping out half the head and reknitting it. I stopped to experiment with different increase and decrease methods, because for some reason I couldn’t keep them straight in my head and couldn’t bring myself to trust my trusted reference sources. My bear head is so much the better for my patience regarding this shaping.


And now I’m over the hump, both arms are done, Rosie just needs some end weaving, stuffing and eyes/nose/mouth embroidery. Hopefully I didn’t jinx myself with the word just.


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WIP Wednesday: Rosie

I’m making my niece a stuffed bear. This pattern has been on my list for a while, originally I was going to use some stash yarn, but I worried about gauge and the yarn is very pale, not good for a bear that will hopefully be loved a lot.


I snapped this photo last weekend, now I’m onto the bear’s head. I’ve stumbled a few times, questioning the way the pattern is written (which is fine, I just wanted to do things a little differently, and due to the magic of Ravelry I was able to confirm with the pattern designer that I wouldn’t screw it up making those changes). I wish I had done a provisional cast-on, but I hadn’t. However in stockinette you can un-work the cast-on (or snip a stitch and un-work a row), then put the newly liberated live stitches on your needles and proceed. I’ve heard that un-working the cast-on can be horribly tedious, so I tested it out. Not easy, but not too bad over the course of a couple easy to follow tv shows. I did a test run before diving in on my work, because while you can always frog and re-knit I’m on a timeline.


Testing with a 20 stitch tube instead of something 3 times that. If you look closely you might notice that the live stitches are not quite lined up – what constitutes a column of knit stitches changes depending on which edge you look at – that is ok for stockinette.

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