finally, crossed off the list

I’m done I’m done I’m done.  I finally finished my French Press Slippers and am excited so you get an awful, artificially photo snapped at 10:30 pm.  Last Friday I picked up the second yarn (Cascade 220 Sport) in an attempt to find the right yellow trim and over the course of the week I’ve made a few different samples of trim.  The color isn’t quite as perfect of a match but the weight and plied construction is much much better.


I finally decided on which trim (at the top is a ruffle trim that looked too much like toes, then a scallop trim that ended up being too big, and the pinwheel trim from the stitch dictionary at the back of Crochet Adorned, but only doing half of it for half circles) ultimately I decided on the half-circle pinwheels which look like smaller scallops. Today I hand stitched the trim to the underside of the flaps and then stitched the flaps onto the slippers. I also played with yellow versus peacock colored yarn to sew the flap and button on and settled on the peacock.

French Press Slippers Adorned

It feels so good to have this project done.

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WIPW: the slippers I can’t quite finish

I actually forgot that these were a WIP (they are currently buried in the craft closet).  Back in November I decided to knit some house-slippers for travel house-shoes for myself.  I purchased the French Press Felted Slippers (Rav link) pattern despite my hesitation of all that seaming.  I cast on around thanksgiving and quickly got through most of the knitting, then I ran out of yarn while making the decorative straps.  Yarn I purchased back in January from a big box store.  Crap.  The whole point of these slippers is that strap and the button you attach to it.  So I bought more yarn, same color, but obviously not the same color-lot.  I crossed my fingers, hoped it wasn’t noticeable, and knit on, all 10 grams worth (1/10th of the skein, 1/10th of the skein that could have been hidden in the soles had I predicted this was going to happen). You know what is coming – the straps so do not match. The color mismatch screams at me from my feet in all but the darkest of lighting.

The slippers are wearable without the strap (I wore them over our christmas vacation, after a classic late-night felting foray mere hours before our plane took off, I packed the wet slippers in a ziplock and dried them next to my mom’s wood stove the following day) but really – that strap is why I bought the pattern. I bought buttons but I can’t quite bring myself to finish this project. It is in a state of flux. Do I add the strap and buttons? Which buttons (the $$ buttons or the $ buttons)? Do I come up with some new embellishment for the tops, maybe a bunch of flowers from Crochet Adorned (I bought some bright gold Full o’ Sheep yarn today for just this possibility)? I don’t know.


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