Finished a while ago – baby gifts

Early this year I learned a friend was having a baby and shortly after learning this I saw cute freezer paper stenciled top by Tricia at Made by Me, Shared with You.  Math jokes are popular with my crowd and Tricia was kind enough to share here stencil with me so I didn’t have to go messing with fonts to get it just right.  And thus began the freezer paper stenciling plot, finding the right paint colors (not a great selection at Michael’s), grabbing a co-conspirator (and thus cutting the number of unique stencils I had to come up by 75% um, I just had a glass or two of wine, do not listen to my math right now).

I F.P.S two shirts and she F.P.S. two shirts and we shared all four paint colors (though we each had our definite palatte).  And of course I forgot to take photos of her shirts, oops.

The above mentioned shirt copy


And then I traced a few butterflies from my Sublime Stitching book and made this (I used a tiny paint brush and free-handed the small swirly details)


At some point I learned that there would be a baby shower so I decided that I needed to have more than two little infant  if-your-lucky-they-will-fit-in-it-more-than-once onesies so I made a small stack of flannel burb cloths.


They are simply two rectangles (10″x16″) of coordinating flannel stitched right sides together (with rounded corners, I used a cd as a template), turned right side out and top-stitched. The first two are made of the top two fabrics and the second two are made of the bottom two fabrics. I’ve had conflicting reports from mama-friends of mine on the best size for burp cloths….

And finally I knit them a useless yet ridiculously cute stuffed owl.


This owl is from a pattern written by Susan B Anderson, the queen of cute knit stuff for babies, and published in Knit Simple’s Holiday 2010 issue. I left off the feet and modified the irises of the eyes to be crocheted because I could not managed to knit a decent looking circle that size. I think I made 6 sets of irises before settling on the dark blue. This was also a very refreshing “screw gauge” knit.

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