Progress is slow

After what felt like a lifetime of knitting 3 rows only to rip out 2 of them I finished the end of the second skein of Ultra Alpaca.  I decided to start on the sleeves at this point since I read that the FLS tends to grow in length with the weight of the yarn.  I suspect I will need a few more repeats of the lace pattern before I actually get to start on the garter stitch bottom band.  The sleeveless picture was taken back on February 25.  Now, two weeks later I haven’t even managed to knit half a skein… I’d like to say it was because I was quilting, but I haven’t touched the quilt for over a week.  What have I been doing?  House-hunting, reading, meal-planning, skiing, napping, and dreaming about other knitting projects.  Yup.  I am fighting off a pretty severe case of startitis.

I’m trying to convince myself not to start any new projects until I get this sweater done.  At first I thought I needed a nice no-brain knit, but with the shorter rounds that only require thought on rounds 1 and 3 that isn’t really true.  And I really really want to finish this sweater.  And yes, that is the quilt below it.  I spray and pin basted it together last week and it has been siting on the futon in the office/craft room all week.  I just need to get up the nerve to start the quilting.  If I can find my 16″ US 5 needle I might let myself re-start TheHusband’s camping hat now that I’ve frogged the original, skeined it, washed the yarn to remove the kinks and re-wound it.  Or I could start the beret I promised my best friend back in November (I bought the yarn).  Or I could figure out the correct sizing for my Marigold Sock and reknit the heel so I can maintain my yearly sock completion.

What would I rather be doing?  Sewing my Anna tunic– the fabric is washed and waiting to be ironed.  Following the quilt-along that Oh Franson is doing. Knitting the Pleated Vest pattern I bought last fall (still need to buy yarn for it though), or knitting Emerald Seas from some stash yarn.  Or knitting a French Market Bag so I can finally try felting (would also need to buy yarn for that).  Or starting the Aunties Afghan pattern I bought a couple years ago for one of the many babies that are expected to join our friends and family this year.  Or crocheting the Tiramisu blanket (of course I don’t have yarn for either of these blankets either).  Hopefully just getting all of that out there will cure my startitis and so far I’m staying strong.

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