Finished a wearable skirt

I literally cannot remember the last sewn item I made that was wearable in public.  It might have been the knit pj tops I made last December (which technically are not meant to be worn in public).  So I was quite happy when I finished the Pintuck Skirt from the winter 2008 issue of Stitch on Thursday night.  Of course I had to wear it on Friday. One “done” checkmark off my fall challenge (not to mention, my Friday outfit was practically my fall palatte when you could see my peacock socks).

I managed to turn this:


into this:


A was picture graciously taken by April of Bolt Fabric, where I bought the fabric last fall and stopped in for a celebratory purchase, wrinkly because I’d been wearing it for around 6 hours, sitting eating lunch and ice cream.

This skirt was my first foray into must-trace pattern territory.  I’m sure that pattern sheet is a piece of cake compared to Burda, but it still challenged me (each pattern piece is partially printed on side A and side B of the pattern tear-out sheet).  I ended up tracing things multiple times and coordinating (trace side A of sheet, trace side B of sheet, put side A piece and side B piece together and trace again for whole pattern piece).  And then ran out of tracing paper 3/4 of the way through the process (not good on a Sunday evening) and ran around town looking for a new roll of 24″ wide trace paper (the nearby craft/art stores only carry 18″ wide so I had to stop by a true art store).  In the end I picked up both trace paper and my first roll of swedish tracing paper, though I finished this pattern out with tracing paper.  Of course once I had the pattern puzzle put together I realized that it was way too long as drafted – those horizontal pintucks would have been below my knee so I had to trace it yet again.

Once the tracing was complete I think I cut out and stitched up this skirt over the course of 2 or 3 nights (most of my time was spent bemoaning the tracing process and then worried that I’d cut out too small a size when I held the skirt front up to me); really this should have only taken a day – next time perhaps.  I used a 52″ (ish) wide cotton twill fabric and a 9″ invisible zipper, no interfacing, no hook and eye, oh and bias tape to finish the hem since I probably cut the skirt 1/2″ shorter than ideal.  The waist and hem are simply folded twice and stitched. I didn’t follow the zipper directions, but put in an invisible zipper following my Vogue Sewing book.  I’m still not thrilled with my invisible zipper application – I had to hand stitch about 1″ between the zipper and the rest of the seam), but I do like how it mimics rtw more closely.  Sadly due to side-zipper placement I was not brave enough to add pockets.

The good news is that this skirt, for short me, took less than a yard of fabric and I had almost enough to cut out a second skirt (different pattern, different story) – which I did, riding on my sewing success wave, Friday night.

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