Sheldon is done

I just realized that this is my first finished object of the year.  Wow.  I'm totally slacking.  Well, my first knit finished object, I've sewn a few things.

So check out TurtleButt!

He has a body and clothes and legs and everything.  I sewed the last two legs on at my knit night last night.  Leave it to wanting oohs and ahhs over a cute knitted toy to get my project finished.  Tonight I plan on dragging TheHusband to the bookstore to buy some board books for my nephew then we can pack up and send the birthday present.

I knit Sheldon with the recommended yarn, Knitpicks Shine Sport, but with slight color tweaks using green apple (his body) and butter (his shell) instead of grass and green apple.  Additionally you can see that I decided to make his bottom shell the same color as his top shell and use the turtle body color for the contrast color.  I knit this on US 3 needles because I didn't own any size 4 dpns at the time.  Despite the 5 or 6 page printed pattern it wasn't difficult, you just need to be comfortable with dpns, increases and decreases (or be ready to learn increases and decreases), and it didn't take too much knitting time.  I started knitting around February 2 and had all the pieces done by February 17 my problem is that is didn't work on it consistently but took multi-day long breaks.

What I will do differently next time:

  • stuff his body in intervals as it was no fun to stuff his boy through the tiny neck opening
  • stuff his shell even less
  • leave longer tails after the cast-off of the legs to use for sewing
  • leave a slightly bigger neck opening
  • follow the pattern's advice regarding the i-cord
  • I'd also like to learn a better way to seam the beginning of the i-cord to the end of the i-cord

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Turtle Butt

As I knit Sheldon from Knitty the phrase what's up turtle butt? keeps going through my head.  Was that a grade school joke or is my inner 5 year old simply amused at the word butt?

Anyways.  I am finally knitting Sheldon, just one of the many things on my "to knit" list.  I put the Tomten on hold, because I want to send Sheldon to my nephew for his 1st birthday on February 14.  I just finished round 45 on the body and have done about 15 rounds a day.  I haven't done the time-line but I hope I can make my deadline. I'm being sort of boring with my first Sheldon and knitting him in the called for yarn in the colors green apple and butter.  His body as you can see is green apple and his shell will be butter with green apple contrast.

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